Robustness of HORISEN SMS Platform’s Traffic Operations

Robustness of HORISEN SMS Platform’s Traffic Operations

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Navigating the complex area of SMS business, HORISEN SMS Platform emerges as a revolutionary force, driven by an array of powerful tools that streamline SMS traffic operations and ensure unparalleled efficiency.

Beyond its acclaimed routing capabilities, this platform harnesses a plethora of features geared towards managing wholesale and retail SMS businesses with minimal effort, consolidating control, and maximizing delivery precision – all from a single, intuitive interface.

Traffic Flow Management: Precision at Every Step

At the heart of the SMS Platform lies an intelligent traffic flow control system. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to govern the entire spectrum of SMS traffic management, ensuring seamless control and priority handling.

SMS Traffic Operations

From defining delivery priority rules for each connection to managing sophisticated queue control, it offers the ability to pause, restart, prioritize, reroute, and reject buffered SMS, enhancing overall traffic flow efficiency.

The platform intelligently handles incoming and outgoing SMS in separate queues, effectively segregating delivery reports (DLRs) to ensure they don’t impact the SMS traffic. Moreover, it employs retry schemes based on error codes and routing rules, ensuring maximum delivery success. Asynchronous message handling further amplifies the delivery success rate, while adjustable throughput limits per second (throttling) offer fine-tuned control over traffic volume.

Robust Rate Plans Management: Simplifying Pricing Strategies

One of the key elements empowering SMS business management is the rate plans management feature. This tool simplifies and streamlines price management with a fast and simple interface, offering a rate plan feature with a negative margin indicator. Users can create standard rate plans or tailor plans individually per customer, thereby allowing for diverse pricing strategies to cater to different client needs.

The platform seamlessly integrates a currency converter, facilitates the creation of multiple rate plans for a single customer, and enables automatic issuance of rate changes. It offers the functionality to automatically import suppliers’ price updates, ensuring real-time accuracy in pricing. Additionally, it enables the import and download of MO and MT Price Lists. Notably, the platform provides an efficient method for creating and managing special prices for customers using the Product Price List Exceptions feature.

Enhancing Communication Efficiency with Seamless MO Routing Capabilities

Moreover, the platform’s MO (Mobile Originated) routing capabilities provide a seamless two-way communication channel. It enables routing of incoming traffic from inbound numbers, offering a user-friendly interface that allocates necessary details, supplier trunks, and costs for MO routing.

The flexibility in MO routing options empowers users to fine-tune message delivery as per their specific needs. It provides a seamless connection setup for customers included in the MO configuration, ensuring tailored precision in routing for each message.

MNP Integration: Optimizing Routing with Precision

An integral part of the SMS Platform’s efficiency is its MNP-based routing capabilities. It boasts a rapid response time, enabling up to 1,000 queries per second, ensuring prompt identification of the hosting mobile operator. This allows for precise routing, eliminating any ambiguity in ported-number routing quality.

The platform’s connection encompasses wide MNP coverage, in addition to supporting multiple MNP and HLR providers through robust protocols such as HTTPs and ENUM. This multi-faceted approach to MNP support ensures optimized routing decisions, ensuring messages reach their destination with minimal latency and maximal efficiency.

Empowering Professional Messaging Technologists

HORISEN SMS Platform stands as a testament to innovation and efficacy, designed to cater to the intricate needs of professional messaging businesses. Its suite of features is not just a toolset but a comprehensive turnkey solution, enabling users to efficiently manage their SMS operations, fine-tune pricing strategies, and optimize message routing for maximum delivery efficiency.

For those seeking a robust, all-in-one solution for their messaging business, HORISEN SMS Platform offers a blend of cutting-edge technology, precision control, and streamlined efficiency. With a commitment to simplifying complex operations, it stands ready to revolutionize the landscape of professional messaging.

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