SMS Long Number Service

SMS Long Number Service


Engaging. Fast. Time and cost-effective.

Global 2-way SMS interaction between brands and their clients.

HORISEN SMS Long Number Service

Professional service for two-way communication worldwide

HORISEN SMS Long Number Service enables businesses to receive SMS online based on virtual or dedicated long numbers that operate internationally. With its powerful API, the telecom protocol is being transformed into HTTP(s) enabling a comfortable view and easy management of incoming messages in any application.

It is the ideal solution for:

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General features

  • Robust API for converting a protocol into simple HTTPs

  • Superfast and automated data collection

  • Globally available

Easy. User-friendly. Efficient.

  • Obtain a virtual SMS long number that works globally

  • Get the telecom protocol converted into simple HTTPs

  • View and manage incoming messages in any application

  • Collect user phone numbers and build your CRM base

Grow your prospects’ database effectively

  • Automatically collect high-quality customer contacts

  • Store mobile phone numbers easily

  • Build up your contact base and add them to your CRM in a time and cost effective manner

Build a long-lasting relationship with customers

  • Get in touch with customers

  • Enable them to share their feedback

  • Send inquiries

  • Ask for support

  • Book appointments

  • Collect their contact information for the future marketing campaigns

Tailor-made to suit numerous purposes

  • Customer service and support
    • Requests for information (subscription status, account balance)
    • Password changes
    • Appointment inquiries
  • Requesting a service (e.g. taxi drive)
  • Obtaining feedback
  • Gathering survey responses
  • Starting/stopping a subscription
  • Voting
  • Winning games
  • Etc.


  • Messages received can be efficiently processed by multiple people

  • Automatic collection of users’ phone numbers into your CRM

  • Possibility of sending automatic replies

  • Communication with users from all around the world for a flat price per SMS

  • Users from all over the globe are able to get in touch with you without any extra costs

HORISEN at UC Today Marketplace 2024

HORISEN at UC Today Marketplace 2024

We are thrilled to be part of UC Today Marketplace 2024 that serves as a comprehensive platform where you can explore the latest innovations from top vendors in the UC industry.

SMS Vulnerabilities

SMS Vulnerabilities

Find out how fraudsters may try to attack enterprises and their customers via SMS attacks. These days, person-to-person (P2P) conversations rarely happen on SMS. Just look through your text messages; very few will be from friends and family.

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