SS7 Platform


Professional SS7 signalling product built

Professional SS7 signalling product built for messaging purpose

Reliable. Scalable. Vendor-neutral.

Ensure reliable and scalable SMS delivery with HORISEN SS7 Platform.

High-performance SS7 Platform

Reliable and scalable protocol conversion between SMPP and SS7

HORISEN SS7 Platform is an easy-to-manage signalling product for sending SMS traffic or HLR Lookups worldwide via SS7 networks. With its quick and easy setup process, it allows companies to connect any existing SMSC Gateway to HORISEN SS7 Platform via SMPP and connect to the preferable Signalling carrier, MNO, MVNO via SIGTRAN.


General features

A comprehensive set of features for seamless transport of SMS traffic via SIGTRAN

  • Highly scalable throughput
  • Fully redundant solution
  • Protocols: HTTPs, SMPP, M3UA SIGTRAN
  • Data coding: GSM 7-bit ’03.38’, USC-2, binary SMS
  • Throughput minimum 10’000 transaction per second
  • Support MAP version: v2 and v3
  • Support of multiple signalling point codes
  • Support of multiple signalling and SMPP connections
  • Support SMS MT outbound, SMS MT inbound, SMS MO incoming
  • Customisable timeouts
  • Transparent error mapping from SIGTRAN into SMPP
  • Continuous updates of SS7 Platform software


  • Fixed routing: link a specific SMPP trunk with a particular SIGTRAN connection

  • SMPP TLV: route traffic through a particular signalling carrier by using different SMPP TLV values

  • Load-Balancing: balance the traffic between SS7 signalling links


  • Connect the existing SMS gateways over SMPP or HTTPs

  • Connect to MNOs, MVNOs or signalling carriers over SIGTRAN

  • Make HLR queries over HTTPs API


  • Each transaction is stored in CDR

  • Optional: SS7 CDR can be pushed over sFTP

  • CDRs can be divided based on the file size or time duration

SS7 Traces

  • SS7 pcap files captured continuously

  • Optional: SS7 pcap files can be pushed over sFTP

Retry profile

  • Fully customisable
  • Create own error codes categories: permanent or temporary error codes
  • Create own retry logic for each error code
  • The validity period checked for each message in the retry queue

Support vSMSC

  • Support GSM MAP Forward_SM_MO messages

  • Support Allow/Block SMSC GT lists

  • Check the validity period of received SMS MO messages

  • Support SMS MO SS7 CDR

  • Support routing SMS MO messages to specific SMPP account

SMS MO incoming

  • vSMSC support
  • Support GSM MAP Forward_SM_MO messages
  • SMSC GTs whitelist
  • Validity period check
  • CDRs for SS7 SMS MO
  • Routing SMS MO messages to specific SMPP account

SMS MT inbound

  • vHLR & vMSC/VLR support
  • Support HLR DB: information about each MVNOs/MNOs
  • IMSI constructor
  • CDRs for SS7 SMS MT
  • Routing SMS MT messages to specific SMPP account

List Manager

  • Filtering messages as allowlist/blocklist within different layers:
    • SCCP layer
    • TCAP layer
    • MAP layer
    • SMS TPDU layer
  • Support for combinations of allowlist/blocklist rules

Grafana Monitoring of SS7 traffic

  • Overview of the full platform performance
  • Possibility of defining own dashboards
  • Live updates of the platform status
  • Overview of total TPS: SMS MT Outbound/SMS MT Inbound/SMS MO traffic
  • Real-time monitoring of SMPP/SIGTRAN connections and MO traffic
  • Monitoring if messages are successfully delivered for SMS MT, SMS MO and MNP queries


  • Very competitive offer

  • Quick and easy setup process

  • Dedicated SS7 support

  • Easy-to-manage SS7 Platform

  • Flexible routing management

  • No need for an ISPC in case of using HORISEN signalling service

Dedicated SS7 Support

  • GT implementations

  • Provision of new signalling links upon customers’ request

  • Monitoring customers’ signalling links

  • Troubleshooting support 24/7