Sales-driven. Carrier-neutral. Built for messaging.

As a pure product house, we develop state-of-the-art solutions for professional Messaging Technologists.

Explore the HORISEN of our messaging technology products:

SMS Platform

The all-in-one SMS trading platform for professional messaging business.

Business Messenger

The omnichannel tool for campaign management and two-way communication.

SS7 Platform

The professional SS7 product for fast protocol conversion between SMPP and SS7.

Explore the HORISEN of our messaging services:

MNP Lookup Service

Real-time identification of the hosting mobile operator.

SCCP Signalling Service

One connection for direct access to signalling carriers and mobile operators.

SMS Long Number Service

Global 2-way communication between brands and their clients.

HORISEN Messaging Suite

Orchestrate the entire messaging business from a single spot.

HORISEN is a technology software house with more than two decades of hands-on experience in messaging technology. Dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions for clients – HORISEN technology covers the whole messaging value chain for wholesale and retail messaging businesses. With its highly scalable, feature-rich and vendor-neutral SMS Platform, Business Messenger, SS7 Platform, MNP Lookup Service, SCCP Signalling Service and SMS Long Number Service, HORISEN provides a powerful variety of messaging technology solutions as a one-stop shop for managing the entire messaging business from a single spot.

Become a messaging

superhero today!

Let us help you find the ideal solution for your messaging business.

Built for professional Messaging Technologists!

HORISEN’s mission is to enable Messaging Technologists to start, run and build a successful wholesale or retail messaging business.

HORISEN Messaging Suite is the ideal solution for: Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), MVNOs, Telecom operators like Voice Carriers and SMS Aggregators, CPaaS Providers, OTTs, Marketing Agencies, System Integrators, Enterprises etc.


HORISEN´s mission

Vendor-neutral. Reliable. Cutting-edge.

HORISEN is a pure software house specialising in cutting-edge messaging technology solutions for the messaging industry.

“We build planes for the messaging industry” illustrates that HORISEN is dedicated to developing products that enable messaging companies to run a successful messaging business – i.e. “to fly”. Messaging companies are like airlines; as airlines transport people from A to B, messaging companies transport messages from A to B. HORISEN is like an aircraft company; as an aircraft company provides airlines with planes, we provide messaging companies with our reliable messaging technology.

Moreover, the fact that we build “planes so others can fly” shows our neutrality as a technology provider — we do not compete with our customers. HORISEN is a vendor-neutral company whose mission is to enable Messaging Technologists to run and grow their messaging business.

Multi-award-winning HORISEN messaging technology

Our work has been recognised worldwide!

HORISEN’s messaging technology solutions have been acknowledged and awarded as the best in their respective categories since 2017. HORISEN is a proud owner of 21 prestigious awards, including CC-Global Awards for the Best SMS Platform Provider for Wholesale solution, Best SMS Platform Provider for Retail solution, Best Innovative Software Provider, Best Innovative Application Provider and Best Innovative CPaaS Provider and Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards for the Best Wholesale Messaging Platform and Best Training Department.

These awards are important proof of HORISEN’s high quality, its dedication to providing the best messaging software to the customers and also the driving force for further innovations.

Our Clients

If our customers are successful, we are successful.

The proof of our high quality are numerous long-term customers that are very successful in their field. Meet some of our Messaging Superheroes who successfully grow their messaging businesses while we take care of their software.