Business Messenger


All-in-one-platform for smart omnichannel communication

All-in-one platform for smart omnichannel communication

Feature-rich. User-friendly. Efficient.

For Messaging Superheroes who create awesomeness with messaging.

Highly intuitive platform with powerful features

Engage the right audience with relevant and timely messages

HORISEN Business Messenger is a feature-rich, user-friendly messaging technology solution for orchestrating seamless communication across multiple channels. It is a highly intuitive, sales-driven platform with powerful features enabling one-way broadcasting or two-way chats, thus providing the target audience with relevant and timely messages. It is a fully APIfied platform that can be on-premise or cloud-based.


Campaign Manager

Send campaigns simultaneously and easily through multiple channels to the target audience!

  • Create campaigns in five-step wizard quickly
  • Create and execute an unlimited number of campaigns easily via a highly intuitive interface
  • Use rich media content like images, videos, carousels, emojis, etc.
  • Create message templates for repeated use
  • Segment recipients based on subscription preferences or specific data fields
  • Add opt-in/opt-out forms, trusted short links, and landing pages to the messages easily
  • Test campaigns thoroughly before executing them
  • Get an overview of detailed campaign statistics
Business Messenger features campaign manager
business messenger-features easy dialogue

Easy Dialog (Chat App)

Maintain one-to-one chats with your audience through their preferred channels!

  • Enhance communication via two-way chats through the audience’s preferred touchpoints
  • Connect any chatbot with our Conversation API and take over the chat flow with the user
  • Have a complete overview of chat history
  • Sort chats by topics for easier chat management
  • Send rich content like images, videos, emojis, etc.
  • Chat support for SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Google Business Chat, RCS, etc.

Contacts Manager

Store unlimited data sets for an unlimited number of contacts!

  • Manage contacts in an unlimited number of lists
  • Manage the lists or contacts in groups by this powerful contact data store
  • Create own custom fields with relevant variables to enrich the data set
  • Use the unlimited number of custom fields for highly detailed customer profiles
  • Track opt-in and opt-out processes
  • Filter the contact inventory with the segmentation wizard
  • Import and update contacts via file upload or via sign-up forms automatically
  • Import and manage all contact data including custom fields via powerful API
  • Export selected/filtered contacts
  • Automatically update subscribers’ status and preferences
  • Collect data about the customers and put them into action through more personalised and targeted campaigns in the future
  • Contacts manager is in compliance with GDPR requirements
Business Messenger features contacts manager
Business Messenger features segmentation wizard

Segmentation Wizard

Use a wide range of filtering possibilities to categorise contacts with high granularity!

  • Highly intuitive, simple and fast tool
  • Create multi-rule segmentation templates
  • Create lists of different target groups
  • Save the target group lists for repeated use
  • Execute complex filtering operations easily without the need for programming
  • Filter millions of records within a second with a swift segmentation process
  • Use subscription preferences or custom field data for laser-precise segmentation

Make your customers Messaging Superheroes with the reseller module!

HORISEN Business Messenger is a perfect solution for Retail companies, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), MVNOs, Telecom operators like Voice Carriers and SMS Aggregators, Marketing agencies, System integrators etc. with its reseller module.

Being a vendor-neutral platform, Business Messenger enables managing customers’ campaigns on separate instances from a single interface, but also provides the possibility of providing customers with direct access to their own instances. With a high level of automation, Business Messenger can execute and track campaigns regardless of the shape and size of accountable accounts and make profit from every campaign by vendor’s terms. 

Brand the platform with your corporate design.

Administration and Finance

Manage all your clients’ activities from a single place with minimum administrative tasks!

  • View all customer accounts at one place
  • Provide clients with a secure web-based interface for planning, sending and tracking campaigns and chats
  • Manage your entire finance and customer invoices from a single place
  • Use message log to support your customers
  • Top up credits easily

Landing Page Manager

Funnel your audience easily without the need of an expensive 3rd party website!

  • Create landing pages in just a few simple clicks with drag and drop editor without coding
  • Create landing pages with your own HTML code
  • Add content blocks, edit them easily and see all changes in real-time
  • Enhance the workflow with statistic overview of performance
  • Media browser and CDN for easy and fast content delivery to the targeted audience
  • Add custom user tracking scripts
  • Trace and track, collect the data
  • Plan further steps based on provided analytics

Coupon Manager

Increase conversion rates by providing customers with coupons!

  • Import codes/vouchers/coupons from any third-party platform such as e-commerce platforms etc.
  • Store and send the codes/vouchers/coupons to your users via different channels and rich message forms
  • Track all data about code redemption
  • Track all data to easily follow customer footprints
  • Manage the code duration and redemption
  • Predict and arrange future campaigns based on collected data

Subscription Manager

Facilitate the opt-in and opt-out processes!

  • Create opt-in and opt-out forms for certain campaigns for all or a specific subscription
  • Add web-based opt-in and opt-out forms available for each channel for easier management
  • Add opt-in and opt-out rules available for each channel for easier channel management
  • Customise Web form style
  • Customise opt-in and opt-out rules style
  • Store contacts in the specified contact list by creating rules
  • List and manage opt-in and opt-out forms easily
  • Get a detailed overview of created forms

HORISEN’s API-centric approach in the development

HORISEN Business Messenger is a fully APIfied platform, easily integrable into the existing environment. Like for all HORISEN messaging technology solutions, various APIs are provided so all systems can talk to each other without any limitations or restrictions. Moreover, Business Messenger APIs help set up channels, allow connection to any chatbot, workflow and marketing automation platforms, they enable end users to create, update and delete contact data, enable two-way SMS communication etc.

Business Messenger Power API


Connect your website or applications with HORISEN Business Messenger easily!

  • Integrate Business Messenger with existing applications
  • Conversation API: Connect any chatbot, workflow and marketing automation platforms
  • ChatGPT Bot API: Enable ChatGPT Bot for sending responses in the Easy Dialog app
  • Campaign API: Create campaigns or programmatically manage campaign data to clone an existing campaign
  • Contact API: Create, update and delete contact data and custom fields
  • Inbound API: Connect long numbers to enable 2-way SMS communication
  • UI API: Show various data from 3rd Party Systems in the Business Messenger portal