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Beyond the HORISEN 

We develop beyond technological possibilities and revolutionise messaging business

HORISEN is a technology software house with more than 20 years of experience in developing messaging technology solutions. Since its foundation back in 2001, HORISEN has been providing a powerful variety of messaging products as a one-stop shop for managing wholesale and retail messaging business from a single spot.  Running a very successful SMS trading business and marketing agency for many years, HORISENers were developing messaging and marketing technology solutions for our business first, experimenting a lot with the latest technology and making our software more intuitive for its users.

Today, with this know-how, we work hard to provide our customers with the best possible solution to run their messaging and messaging marketing business. We enable them to start and run successful SMS trading business while we take care of their software. In other words: We build planes for the messaging industry so others can fly.

Messaging companies are like airlines; as airlines transport people from A to B, messaging companies transport messages from A to B.
HORISEN is like an aircraft company; as an aircraft company that provides airlines with planes, we provide messaging companies with messaging technology.

“We build planes for the messaging industry” means that HORISEN is a pure technology company; we build products that enable Messaging Technologists to “fly”—to run a successful messaging business.


HORISEN’s history

More than two decades of developing cutting-edge messaging and marketing technology

HORISEN’s versatile business history, from a successful marketing technology provider and marketing agency to an even more productive SMS trading business, makes HORISEN the only provider who can offer all that is needed for a successful messaging business within only one platform, with a single login, from a single point – making Messaging Technologists’ lives easier. Thanks to our extensive experience, HORISEN messaging technology solutions are all-in-one products that combine complex operations with a user-friendly interface, so the users of our platforms do not need any additional tools to run their messaging business.


Today, we keep utilizing more than two decades of experience to develop a variety of innovative, feature-rich, sales-driven and easy-to-use messaging technology solutions that cover the entire value chain.


This year was a crossroad for us bringing HORISEN neutrality as a cursor. We completely reshaped our strategy – we decided to entirely focus on pure messaging technology software development and become a vendor-neutral company dedicated exclusively to our customers’ growth.


HORISEN offered its SMS Platform, as an independent, commercial, cloud service (SaaS) product to everyone interested in SMS trading while simultaneously trading billions of SMS globally.


The company operated based on three main pillars: software development, marketing projects and SMS trading. SMS trading business was the turning point, shaping HORISEN’s further path as it initiated the development of the very first SMS trading solution.


Adding marketing consulting, creative design, implementation, and maintenance of campaigns into our portfolio, HORISEN expanded the business as a marketing agency.


We quickly became a competent and innovative full-service provider for multimedia applications by combining marketing, technology, internet, mobile, and telephony.


HORISEN’s journey started with a simple but powerful idea – to make it possible for users to send SMS via an application that they could access through a browser.

HORISEN’s vision

HORISEN’s vision is to simplify the everyday life of Messaging Technologists so they can focus on their expertise and grow their business while HORISEN takes care of their software.

Messaging Technologists are specialists who work with our products day by day and incorporate all sorts of skills to run a successful messaging business. They are tech-savvy, experts in sales and negotiations, creative in how to use the possibilities of messaging technology, and with an excellent understanding of customers’ needs.

With the right tools, Messaging Technologists can face everyday challenges easily and focus on growing their business while HORISEN is in charge of their software. Our powerful, fully-managed and easy-to-use solutions empower them to become Messaging Superheroes and fly smoothly in the messaging business.

HORISEN’s mission

Our mission is to provide a powerful variety of messaging technology solutions to messaging companies and enable them to run successful messaging business. We are highly dedicated to bringing out automation and simplification in every messaging solution we develop and deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our customers.

Therefore, HORISEN technology covers the whole messaging value chain, both for wholesale and retail messaging business.  With our feature-rich, vendor-neutral SMS Platform, Business Messenger, SS7 Platform, SCCP Signalling Service, MNP Lookup Service and SMS Long Number Service, we provide Messaging Technologists with powerful solutions as a one-stop shop for managing the entire SMS trading business from a single spot.

Company vision mission passion

HORISEN’s passion

Our passion is to invent and develop products with an easily navigable and easy-to-use interface in order to make complex operations look easy for its users.

With our holistic and strategic approach and vision, we have always been highly dedicated to developing all HORISEN’s solutions to be understandable also for users without a technical background, accessible, and painless in the way of running, monitoring and administration.

HORISEN is attending GCCM in Berlin 2024

HORISEN is attending GCCM in Berlin 2024

Following the events we participated in the Middle East, South America, the USA, Asia and Europe, we are excited to continue our journey at EUROPE 2024 GCCM, where we always feel at home.

HORISEN at UC Today Marketplace 2024

HORISEN at UC Today Marketplace 2024

We are thrilled to be part of UC Today Marketplace 2024 that serves as a comprehensive platform where you can explore the latest innovations from top vendors in the UC industry.