SMS Platform


SMS Platform


Feature-rich. User-friendly. Highly scalable and reliable.

Built for handling billions of messages per month to scale up your messaging business.


Powerful SMS trading platform for professional messaging business

HORISEN SMS Platform is a multi-award-winning messaging technology solution for managing all aspects of wholesale and retail SMS business. It is an extremely scalable and robust platform, built to grow with the messaging business.

SMS Platform is blasting fast, with extremely high throughput, and comes with all other modules needed for automated and efficient management of daily SMS trading operations.

Built for professional

Messaging Technologists

Let us help you find the best solution

for your messaging business.

You want

  • Simple tool to manage your entire messaging business
  • Reliable SMS trading solution to support your growth
  • Diverse and flexible technology for increased competition
  • To access your messaging software from anywhere
  • To offer your customers a simple HTTPs/JSON API

We have

  • All-in-one, feature-rich and easy-to-use SMS Platform
  • Scalable and robust platform that grows with your business
  • Vendor-neutral platform for cost-efficiency
  • Cloud-based SMS Platform manageable from a single point
  • Developer-friendly HTTPs/JSON, SMPP and SS7 protocols

User-friendly SMS Platform with powerful features

Manage the entire wholesale and retail SMS business from a single point

HORISEN SMS Platform is built to be a robust and extremely scalable SMS trading solution. With our famous user-friendly and easily navigable interface, it combines complex traffic operations with finance, monitoring, and security operations so the users of HORISEN SMS platform do not need any additional tools to run the entire messaging business. The Platform is available as cloud-based and on-premise solution.


All-in-one SMS Platform for successful wholesale and retail SMS business

Feature-rich. User-friendly. Highly scalable and reliable.

HORISEN SMS Platform is a smart, 100% vendor-neutral SMS trading solution. It is designed to meet customers’ growing needs for automation, flexibility, robustness, speed, and scalability.  

With its powerful features, SMS Platform covers all aspects of SMS trading business from A-Z. It enables you to run the entire SMS wholesale or retail business – from SMS traffic operations, finance and monitoring, to security operations, via an easy-to-use interface.

Wholesale and retail SMS trading tool
icon general features

General Features

A comprehensive set of features for running
SMS trading business.


Fully flexible, sales-driven routing and rule-based routing.

icon MO Routing

MO Routing

MO routing for 2-way SMS.

Rate Plans

Fast and simple price management.

Cloud based platform


Minimum capital expenditure and minimised costs of operation.

Traffic Flow Control

MNP Support


Invoicing & Finance



HORISEN SMS Platform installed in your own infrastructure.

Message Log

Testing Manager


Session & Queue Monitoring

Grafana Monitoring

Campaign Detector Module

Campaign Detector

SMS Filter

Highest Security Standards


icon protocols



Built for professional Messaging Technologists

Scale up your messaging business with HORISEN SMS Platform

As the only SMS Platform provider with more than two decades of hands-on experience in SMS wholesale and retail, HORISEN’s SMS Platform defines the state of excellence in delivery.

HORISEN SMS Platform is the turn-key SMS trading solution ideal for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), MVNOs, Telecom operators like Voice Carriers and SMS Aggregators, OTTs, CPaaS Providers, Enterprises, etc. allowing its users to manage all aspects of their SMS trading business from a single place.

Highly available Platform

HORISEN SMS Platform is a fully redundant, robust and reliable system with min. 99.999% availability.

SMS Vulnerabilities

SMS Vulnerabilities

Find out how fraudsters may try to attack enterprises and their customers via SMS attacks. These days, person-to-person (P2P) conversations rarely happen on SMS. Just look through your text messages; very few will be from friends and family.

White-label support

HORISEN SMS Platform is a very customer-oriented solution with its white-label support that offers the possibility of branding the portal with your own corporate design.

Award-winning SMS Platform

Our work has been recognised worldwide!

HORISEN SMS Platform has been acknowledged and awarded as the best SMS trading solution since 2017. HORISEN is a proud owner of 19 prestigious awards, including CC-Global Awards for the Best SMS Platform Provider for Wholesale solution (SMS Platform), Best SMS Platform Provider for Retail solution, Best Innovative Software Provider, Best Innovative Application Provider and Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards for the Best Wholesale Messaging Platform and Best Training Department.

These awards represent a valuable recognition of our professionalism and continuous investments in quality and innovation. They motivate us to always stay committed to delivering top-quality products and services to our clients.

Our Clients

If our customers are successful, we are successful.

The proof of our high quality are numerous long-term customers that are very successful in their field. Meet some of our Messaging Superheroes who successfully grow their messaging businesses while we manage their software.