Omnichannel – talk to clients through their preferred channel

Omnichannel – talk to clients through their preferred channel

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As technology advances every day, customer expectations rise so businesses face new challenges in their marketing approach. Knowing the fact that exceptional customer experience is essential for the long-term success of a business, marketers underline the importance of consistent experience in every interaction with customers across multiple channels.

In today’s world of messaging marketing, omnichannel has become an important, must-have approach. Using messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, etc., social networks like Instagram, Facebook, etc., and SMS marketing, marketers tend to provide an integrated customer experience through multiple channels involving all platforms and devices their customers use. The omnichannel approach provides a user-friendly and seamless experience for individual customers regardless of the channel they use. The aim of the approach is to unify the business’s digital assets into a cohesive, seamless experience no matter of the preferred channels their customers use.

This consistent, unified customer experience across preferable customer touchpoints, not only enhances customer experience but also benefits to business performance and increases year-on-year growth. It saves time for both customers and businesses and gives a unified voice to the brand through personalized customer interaction.

With the vast array of omnichannel messaging solutions on the market, HORISEN Business Messenger stands out with its powerful, omnichannel features. With more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the messaging business, HORISEN offers state-of-the-art omnichannel solutions which are cloud-based, feature-rich and above all easy-to-use.

HORISEN Business Messenger orchestrates seamless communication across various messaging channels such as SMS, Web Push, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, FB Messenger, Instagram, Google Business Chat, RCS, etc. It is designed as an omnichannel tool to provide communication between businesses and their target audience across different channels, harmonizing all channels in one comfortable view. With one-way broadcasting or two-way chats, it enables businesses to keep absolute control over the experience delivered to their target groups providing them with the right information, at the right time and on the right channel.

As such, HORISEN Business Messenger is a perfect solution for businesses that want to maximize A2P profits by selling messages to retailers and businesses of any size across different industries as well as for companies that want to promote their own products and services via messaging campaigns. Powerful Campaign Management app enables managing marketing campaigns through customers’ preferred channels. These tailor-made campaigns with rich media like videos, carousels, images, etc. increase sales, improve brand awareness by providing more traffic to the website, and eventually lead to maximizing business performance.

Additionally, Landing page Manager is another important feature that adds value to HORISEN Business Messenger. It enables businesses to funnel people to the type of content they desire by creating engaging pathways through their campaigns in just a few clicks. With this feature, HORISEN Business Messenger gives the offers a place to live and get more conversions, without the need for the 3rd party software. Due to the enhanced workflow with a sophisticated statistic overview of performance, users of Business Messenger can trace and track everything on the page, collect the data, and make future steps based on provided analytics.

With its “Easy Dialog” application, HORISEN Business Messenger enables one-to-one chats across various messaging channels such as SMS, Web Push, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, FB Messenger, Instagram, Google Business Chat, RCS, etc., thus enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement. Moreover, its powerful segmentation wizard empowers marketers to categorize contacts on a number of criteria and build highly targeted audience lists.

Having in mind the challenges that professionals in the marketing industry face on daily basis and knowing these challenges by experiencing them ourselves – HORISEN Business Messenger is an experience-driven landscape for thriving in the messaging marketing business. This all-in-one omnichannel platform is a powerful turnkey product with all features needed for successful messaging campaigns, manageable from a single spot.

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