How to Find the Right SMS Platform?

How to Find the Right SMS Platform?

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What are the features that make an SMS Platform

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The messaging industry is changing so rapidly. Not so long ago, there was an assumption that social networks and messaging applications would soon take over as the primary mode of communication, and push SMS aside. The prospect of younger generations abandoning traditional communication methods such as SMS, voice calls and emails for social media sites and messaging apps seemed very likely. The prevalence of OTT (Over-the-Top) messaging services has become apparent as they have largely replaced P2P (Peer-to-Peer) SMS services.

However, while the use of social media and messaging apps remains steady for P2P (peer-to-peer) communication, we are witnessing the rapid growth of SMS industry especially in the area of A2P (application-to-person) messaging.

As A2P business SMS volumes continue to grow, SMS providers have to guarantee a high degree of delivery reliability. M2M, M2P, P2M and other extensions of A2P can be highly sensitive in terms of content and require prompt and successful delivery of messages. Messaging companies have to make sure they have the right tool to ensure this kind of delivery.  With a wide range of SMS Platforms on the market, the question arises:

What are the features that make an SMS Platform a perfect fit for your messaging business?

Which SMS Platform is right for me

High availability. 

In order to secure reliable delivery of SMS, a messaging platform has to be a fully redundant and robust system. It has to be always available, with no downtime even during the platform’s maintenance. No matter how experienced your team is in the messaging industry, in order to focus on your core business, you need round-the-clock availability to a professional support team for system maintenance, problem detection and successful problem-solving.

Extreme scalability.

No matter if you are already in the messaging business, or just starting off, everyone’s goal is to grow their business and increase sales and revenue. In the dynamic messaging industry, it can be really tricky if the platform you use was not built to scale up.  A scalable platform enables you to adapt your business operations to fulfill the expectations of both prospective and current clients. So before attempting to expand, creating an infrastructure and protocols that enable growth is crucial.

High throughput.

When selecting an SMS platform for your messaging company, you have to take into account the throughput and delivery speed of your messages. The higher the throughput, the more SMS can be sent through the platform. With easily extendable throughput, you can adjust the SMS volume according to your needs and offer your customers a reliable delivery in a timely manner without having your messages clogged and your customers dissatisfied.

Feature-rich and easy-to-use.

A feature-rich platform is a prerequisite for a successful messaging business nowadays. With so much competition on the market, you have to stand out with your service and it is not easy with a tool that does not offer so many functions. It has to include a powerful routing engine, billing and invoicing, statistics and message log, filtering options and many more. On top of that, it has to have an easily navigable interface and intuitive routing engine so you can focus on sales, while the software behind focuses on technical parts of the business.

Fully APIfied.

The platform you choose has to be fully APIfied in order to be easily integrated into your existing system environment. It has to be developer-friendly so your team does not lose its precious time on integrating it with your booking system, CRM, website or any other but focus on your core business. The development team behind the platform, has to put a lot of effort to develop APIs so all systems can talk to each other without any limitations or restrictions.

Turn-key solution.

Above all, it has to be an all-in-one solution – it has to combine SMS traffic operations with finance, monitoring, and security operations so you do not need any additional tools or staff to run the entire messaging business.


Built for handling billions of messages per month to scale up any messaging company, HORISEN SMS Platform is a perfect fit for SMS wholesale and retail business. It is a fully redundant, robust and reliable system with min. 99.999% availability. Developer-friendly, with an easily extendable throughput of +20 Mio SMS/hour and powerful features, all combined in a user-friendly interface, HORISEN SMS Platform is all you need to start and run a successful messaging business.

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