A Holistic Approach to Monitoring

A Holistic Approach to Monitoring

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Elevating SMS Trading Management

The significance of an SMS trading solution lies not just in its robust messaging capabilities but in its ability to provide a 360-degree view of the SMS trading business through a singular, user-friendly interface. Having this in mind, HORISEN SMS Platform seamlessly integrates monitoring functionalities, ensuring transparency, accountability, and real-time decision-making capabilities for its users complementing its renowned high throughput and scalability.

Empowering Data Transparency and Analysis

One of the fundamental aspects of monitoring is the access to real-time and detailed statistics. Therefore, HORISEN SMS Platforms offers comprehensive reporting, presenting both commercial and quality data through interactive charts and advanced filter functions. This allows for a granular analysis and in-depth scrutiny of traffic trends and performance. The presentation of statistics is designed for easy understanding and further analysis, empowering users with data-driven decision-making abilities.

A Holistic Approach to Monitoring

Granular Message Log Analysis for Troubleshooting

Furthermore, the Platform excels in providing detailed message logs, enabling users to browse Call Detail Records (CDRs) for each message. This includes the ability to filter messages based on various parameters such as routing, content, and delivery reports, accelerating the troubleshooting process. Users can export detailed logs for further analysis and download comprehensive error code lists for diagnostic purposes.

Seamless Reporting and Data Export

As a robust reporting system is crucial for efficient decision-making. HORISEN SMS Platform offers fast and individual exports of detailed CDRs, allowing users to analyze traffic with flexible data-filtering features. This includes simple data exports to Excel or CSV formats for post-processing, as well as the option to export data via download or to an sFTP account. Scheduled delivery of reports to designated email addresses enhances the platform’s proactive reporting functionalities.

Support Tools for Enhanced Testing and Monitoring

In addition to monitoring, the platform boasts support tools that offer reliable testing mechanisms for more accurate results. DLR and HLR/MNP testing enable users to validate results swiftly, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of delivered messages. The Platform’s openness to connect with third-party testing solutions further enhances its adaptability and thoroughness in ensuring quality results.

Granular Monitoring and Campaign Detection

Granular monitoring extends to session and queue management, enabling users to supervise and manage supplier and customer sessions effectively. It allows for the tracking of traffic queues, MNP queries, and quick management of sessions with detailed information, ensuring smoother operations.

Moreover, the Campaign Detector Module is a unique feature that allows the tracking and management of detected campaigns. This includes analyzing metrics, managing campaign status, classification, and setting priorities, along with the ability to identify and address potential spam campaigns efficiently.

Enhanced Decision-Making and Optimization

The integration of comprehensive monitoring operations within an SMS platform stands as an essential component for strategic decision-making and optimization. HORISEN SMS Platform‘s suite of monitoring tools not only offers transparency but empowers users with the capability to swiftly identify, analyze, and address issues, ensuring optimized messaging strategies and overall operational efficiency.

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