HORISEN SMS Platform for successful messaging business

HORISEN SMS Platform for successful messaging business

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Have you ever wondered where an SMS comes from? What is its route from the sender to the receiver?

Unquestionably, most people think that it is a direct path, from the sender’s mobile network operator to the receiver’s MNO. The truth is though much more complex than that.

If you dive into the world of messaging business, you will discover the world of SMS Aggregators, MNOs, SMS resellers etc. And what is common for all successful telecom players in the messaging field is a powerful tool – the SMS Platform. Initially, when SMS was invented as a medium of written communication, its development path was quite challenging. During the first decade, the low adoption of SMS by mobile users was due to the fact that SMS could be exchanged only within the same network. With the upgrade of SMS service, so messages could be sent to phone numbers using different operators, new challenges like billing and restrictions occurred.

Having in mind all the challenges that the telecommunication industry was facing regarding messaging technology, a small company with a strong idea was established- to make it possible for users to send SMS via an application that they could access through a browser.

Back in 2001, it might have seemed like a utopia for some people but with a firm belief in the power of the message, HORISEN developed its very first SMS Platform. Nowadays, SMS Platforms are widely used for wholesale and retail messaging businesses. Consequently, there is a wide range of SMS Platform solutions, but what features of SMS Platform one should consider before tapping into messaging landscape?

First of all, an SMS Platform has to be easy-to-use. With 20 years of hands-on experience in messaging business, HORISEN has effectively developed messaging technology solutions so that customers could manage them with ease. Therefore, HORISEN SMS Platform is cloud-based, enabling customers to control the whole messaging business from a single point, on any device. With its extremely high throughput, it comes with all modules needed for automated and efficient management of daily trading operations.

Next, to be a successful SMS provider, you will need a feature-rich SMS platform. HORISEN SMS Platform offers fast and simple price management, powerful routing, real-time and detailed reporting. Moreover, HORISEN’s development team comprises two decades of experience with their passion for innovation to continually improve the features of the Platform. With the development of powerful APIs that connect all systems to communicate among themselves, HORISEN solutions have become a fully open system giving its customers complete freedom to adapt and connect the platform to their existing systems. Furthermore, HORISEN SMS Platform is tailor-made to offer SMS delivery as a service by meeting the growing needs for automation, flexibility, robustness, speed, and scalability.

Since the SMS market is growing day by day, customers need scalable tools to enable their SMS businesses to respond to any challenges. The fact that HORISEN SMS Platform is vendor-neutral and its ability to scale up to billions of messages make it a one-stop shop for starting and running the entire messaging business.

Finally, HORISEN’s Platform is an all-in-one SMS trading solution for those seeking to run messaging as a wholesale or retail business. It creates a state of excellence in message delivery and a workflow that can drive scale and efficiency for companies tapping into the messaging landscape. The excellence and high quality of the Platform, as well as its innovative features, have been acknowledged by the telecommunications community with numerous awards. It has been awarded six times in a row as the Best SMS Platform “Wholesale solution”, four times in a row as the Best Global SMS Platform “Retail solution”, as well as the Best Software and Application since 2018.

So if you are planning to dive into the horizon of messaging solutions or you are already a professional “diver” eager to become a messaging superhero, the best way to do so is to try HORISEN SMS Platform.

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