HORISEN CPaaS solutions for powerful players

HORISEN CPaaS solutions for powerful players

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With the integration of technology into modern business, companies striving to stay highly competitive in the market have to think of new and innovative ways to adapt to market changes as well as to changes in customers’ demands. In order to do so, most enterprises decide to invest in innovative tools to improve efficiency and profitability.

With Covid-19 pandemic-influenced lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, the importance of cloud-based communication platforms became even more apparent since businesses were struggling to maintain continuous contact with their customers. The need for cloud-based communication platforms that improve connectivity between companies, customers as well as applications, increased drastically in this period.

As a powerful player in this industry since 2001, HORISEN was in a good position to respond to this explosive growth of communication platforms. HORISEN’s Communication Platform as a Service also known as CPaaS is a cloud-based platform that enables developers to add real-time communications features in their own applications without a need to build backend infrastructure and interfaces. CPaaS solutions are developed to suit a wide range of business fields by paying only for the services they need without the obligation to buy any additional tools.

With a quick rise in the popularity of CPaaS in recent years, many CPaaS providers and CPaaS Enablers have been introduced to the messaging technology market. Although the difference between a provider and an enabler seems a bit unclear, one is certain, the enablers provide the customers with the technology to become CPaaS players without competing with them as commercial CPaaS providers do. Being a vendor-neutral company makes HORISEN a technology vendor that never interferes with customers’ businesses nor competes with them. Enabling customers with this kind of solution requires a whole new level of trust which is provided to HORISEN’s customers by this neutrality together with expertise, experience and passion for innovation.

“As a CPaaS Enabler, you give the keys to a company so that they can focus on their business and rely on you completely. And you cannot rely on someone you do not trust. So, trust is one of the key words in the CPaaS business and HORISEN has inspired confidence for more than two decades” – explains Fabrizio Salanitri, the CEO of HORISEN.

Being a renowned CPaaS Enabler, HORISEN offers its customers technology to become powerful CPaaS players. With a large team of experienced professionals, HORISEN focuses on developing the software from A to Z – not only core functionalities but also various additional features. It has made HORISEN a one-stop shop for cutting-edge CPaaS solutions in the messaging technology industry nowadays.

Some enterprises may decide to build CPaaS platform on their own so it suits their specific needs. Not only that it is time and resource-consuming but also development and managing CPaaS can become unsustainable in the long term, especially for large enterprises with a tendency to further expand their business.

HORISEN CPaaS solutions are designed to enable its customers to focus 100% on their business expansion by providing them with the best technology and support along the way. HORISEN’s technology is sales-driven, enabling the customers to focus on sales and not waste their valuable time on administrative work. The solutions are tailor-made and highly scalable so they can grow alongside customers’ businesses.

“Scalability is a very important feature of our CPaaS solutions because we know that if scalability is not well developed it could result in deterioration of customer experience and nobody wants that” – adds HORISEN’s CEO.

The proof of HORISEN’s CPaaS high quality are numerous long-term customers like mobile operators, carriers, aggregators, integrators and agencies. As HORISEN’s technology is acknowledged by numerous awards, the client base is getting wider so any company willing to tap into CPaaS world is its potential customer. The formula for this amazing success is simple as HORISENers say: “If our customers are successful, we are successful”. And evidently, they are all very successful.

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