How can MNOs maximize monetization of SMS messaging

Operators’ core revenues have been shrinking since 2012. Voice margins are decreasing, and SMS messaging has also suffered an impact from OTT messaging apps. SMS market has survived the initial shock caused by IM applications. Moreover, SMS traffic is now growing because the use of SMS has become very popular among enterprises. A2P messaging market is booming and is estimated to be worth $70.32 billion by 2020.

HORISEN sold Bulk SMS business and now focus 100% on SMS software business

Dear clients, we want to inform you that HORISEN AG has sold its SMS wholesale business and now we focus 100% of our industry know-how and experience to our SMS software business and sharing our SMS software solutions with the messaging market and companies wanting to enter the market.  Our mission is to add value and help our customers and partners, take their Messaging and Marketing solutions to the next level. 

Two prestigious awards for HORISEN at GCCM Awards Berlin 2018

We are delighted to announce that at this year’s GCCM Event in Berlin HORISEN has won two prestigious GCCM awards: for the Best SMS Platform Provider and Best Innovative Application Provider.  GCCM award for the Best SMS Platform Provider is awarded to a service provider for innovative SMS software platform solution launch. The prize is awarded to Mobile Operator, SMS Aggregator or Telco software solution provider that managed to launch a software solution addressing the complex needs of SMS market entrants. The award for the Best SMS Platform Provider is in HORISEN’s hands for the second year in a row, which proves the know-how, technology, and our dedicated approach to make it the best solution for our clients.

Mobile Number Lookup Service

First: what is MNP? Mobile Number Lookup service enables you to send your SMS traffic through the most optimal route. It provides access to all critical information on mobile number portability which will help you improve delivery success rates and ported-number routing efficiency. Second: what is mobile number portability? Mobile number portability allows a mobile subscriber to change mobile operator without changing mobile number. It is a convenient way to switch operators without having to change telephone number. As this service is top-rated among the users, operators, carriers and those who send Bulk SMS notifications to customers need to have accurate information about phone numbers to secure successful message delivery.   

A2P SMS Messaging for Enterprises

A2P SMS Messaging (application to person messaging), or enterprise 2-way SMS, is an ideal way to maintain consistent and timely communication with your customers. In a world where everything is so fast, it is essential to have quality communication with your audience and clients because people don’t want to wait. For anything, anymore. Customers expect fast if possible immediate responses from companies and brands.

HORISEN has won the GCCM Award in the category “Best SMS Platform Provider”

The Carrier Community Global Telecom Club awards a service provider for the launch of an innovative SMS software platform solution. The prize is awarded to a Mobile Operator, SMS Aggregator or Telco software solution provider that managed to launch a software solution addressing the complex needs of SMS market entrants.

SMS Marketing for Retail

SMS is the most effective direct marketing channel. SMS has a 98% open rate and 36% click-through rate. Compared to email, with a 22% open rate and just 2.9% CTR, there is no doubt that SMS is the best direct marketing channel for brands and retailers. With these numbers, it is clear that sending text messages is an excellent return on investment. And even more shocking is that 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received on the mobile phone. Furthermore, 98 % of all SMS messages are looked at and are read within an average of five seconds! Therefore SMS is still the most effective way to reach customers and deliver your marketing message efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Power of SMS for Business

The power of text messaging is growing — especially SMS messaging for business. Despite predictions from 2011 when some experts said SMS would die in the coming years, not only it didn’t die, but it eventually grew stronger. The reason for such dark predictions lied in a growing number of mobile apps, but SMS proved to be resistant. Now, in 2017, we can hear new voices saying that SMS will grow from $55.49 billion to $71.60 billion by 2021 while mobile app installation will face a serious drop down. Having this in mind, more and more marketers are turning to SMS marketing.

SMS messaging for small businesses – how to efficiently attract and retain customers using SMS

With more and more new digital channels available for promotion, it is tough for small businesses to reach customers with their marketing message. Although possibilities for promotion are almost limitless nowadays, this enormous amount of advertising and promotion have forced people to become “blind” and much smarter in a selection of tools to avoid them. Smart marketers had turned this absurd situation in their favour when they decided to use some of the almost forgotten or underestimated communication channels. We are speaking about SMS and SMS marketing. What can small businesses do with SMS more efficiently than with other digital channels? Here is the list of our suggestions.

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing, SMS Marketing and Bulk SMS

Text messaging, or texting is a form of direct, personal communication that enables you to get in touch and make very close contact with your customers, staff, and suppliers. No other communication channel provides such closeness between a brand and its consumers, because SMS enables enterprises to communicate with people in a highly personalised and responsive way. Portio Research Ltd, an independent research company that provides high-quality reports on the mobile and wireless industry, has even declared SMS as the “king” of non-voice communication because of its 6 main qualities