Why is SMS essential to IoT?

Why is SMS essential to IoT?

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With the rise of the super-fast 5G and cloud technologies, the world is on the brink of always-on connectivity, which will facilitate business automation. It will impact and revolutionize every industry, creating a brand new ecosystem of fully-connected devices and technologies. Such technology entails safe M2M and M2P communication. The safest means of communication today is the SMS. Texting is the most reliable way to send any information due to its ubiquity, simplicity, and safety. The mere fact SMS messaging is alive for more than 20 years, and is still thriving, proves all the above.

A significant advantage of SMS is that it reaches users anywhere in the world, even when mobile data are switched off. The SMS message will undoubtedly be delivered as SMS doesn’t rely on the Internet and is the only technology harmonized between all mobile operators in the world.

Consequently, business messaging, commonly referred to as A2P, is booming in the past few years. It’s no wonder then to see other advanced technologies such as IoT deploying it.

As the world is becoming ever more connected and automated, SMS has become a crucial feature for IoT and M2M developers and enterprises. It is the only communication channel that works on every cellular-enabled device and every network. SMS is the most effective data-transfer channel, which is of paramount importance for IoT. Moreover, both P2P and A2P messaging are essential to IoT, depending on the use case. Whether an alert needs to reach a human being (technician for example), or another machine, the most important thing is that SMS covers every scenario.

To conclude, SMS plays an integral part in how IoT devices communicate, especially when it comes to sending critical data, notifications, and alerts.

Why is SMS ideal for IoT?

1. Global coverage

SMS service spreads across the world. The 2G, 3G, 4G, and the latest 5G networks are enabling SMS to reach every corner of the globe. These networks are stable and mature enough to guarantee safe message delivery, which is of vital importance for the IoT.

2. SMS is cost-friendly

IoT would employ bulk SMS messaging to send the data. Such messaging traffic is exceptionally cost-efficient. Hence, brands and enterprises are opting for the A2P SMS as the most preferred means of communication today!

3. Sky-high deliverability

SMS traffic has very high delivery rates. By choosing a reliable SMS carrier, SMS API provider, or SMS platform vendor (like HORISEN SMS Platform), you can keep SMS deliverability rates close to 100%!

4. Reliability

For IoT, it is essential to have a communication channel that will deliver notifications promptly and reliably. Moreover, even if other channels are employed, SMS is the most secure fallback option for all of them. In case of an electric power outage, an SMS message will reach the handset no matter what.

5. Power-efficient

You have to establish a permanent connection to an IP enabled IoT device. In case of a low power state, the device needs to be ‘awakened’ to establish full connectivity with the central system. Such processes drain already low power supply. SMS is ideal in such situations as it requires almost no power at all.

6. Mobile app alternative

As IoT makes its way into our homes, offices, and vehicles, the idea of downloading a new app for each connected device might sound horrifying to the end users. Why? Because of the app fatigue caused by so many apps on our mobile phones already! Therefore, SMS may be the perfect fit for everyone.

What about the future?

GSMA forecasts that a total number of IoT connection will reach 25.2 billion in 2025, from which 3.1 billion will be cellular IoT connections. From this 3.1 billion, 42% will run on 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, while the rest will go through LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network technology). This rise will drive the need for SMS implementation within the IoT industry even more.

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