Two-way SMS communication

Two-way SMS communication

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HORISEN Inbound SMS service helps you build a long-lasting relationship with customers.

Two-way communication is a conversation between two parties – people between themselves or people and chatbots. As simple as that.

It is not a one-way street as both parties need to be involved in the conversation passing on the message or sharing the information. As bilateral communication has always been an integral part of our society, it has also become an integral part of business strategies when experienced professionals realized that building a strong relationship with their customers, rather than having one-way communication with them, is a foundation of a successful business.

Nowadays more than ever, it is important for businesses to maintain continuous contact with their customers in order not to lose opportunities for growth and development. With SMS marketing, companies strive to build a genuine relationship with customers by using two-way communication via SMS, one of the fastest-growing channels for business communication.

Many companies still use one-way SMS broadcasting campaigns to send messages in real-time to multiple customers. They send campaigns and promote their products and services aiming at increasing brand awareness and sales. And it gives quite good results.

However, these companies are unaware of how many relationship-building and engagement opportunities have been missed by not including two-way communication in their strategy. According to research in the field, most one-way SMS messages get responses that stay unanswered due to the lack of the right tool.

Having in mind all the limitations one-way communication brings to businesses, HORISEN has developed SMS Long Number Service for global two-way communication between brands and their clients. This service helps brands get more engagement from their clients, build customer loyalty as well as build up contact database in an easy, user-friendly, time and cost-efficient manner and use them for future marketing campaigns.

HORISEN SMS Long Number Service facilitates its users to get in touch with their targeted audience, get feedback from them, send inquiries, ask for support, book appointments, and many more options. It allows companies to receive SMS online via virtual or dedicated inbound numbers all over the globe. With its powerful API, the telecom protocol is being transformed into HTTP(s) enabling a comfortable view and easy management of incoming messages in any application.

By using HORISEN SMS Long Number Service, a whole new world of communication opportunities with customers can be discovered. This direct, easy and cost-effective communication enables you to receive messages online so they can be efficiently processed by multiple people, send automatic replies and automatically collect users’ phone numbers and store them in CRM. Allowing users worldwide to get in touch with businesses without any extra cost will surely increase their engagement and communication intensity eventually leading to boosted customer satisfaction.

“Like all HORISEN’s messaging technology solutions, HORISEN SMS Long Number Service is tailor-made to suit the specific needs of a business and can be used for numerous purposes: customer service and support, service request, feedback from customers, and many more” HORISEN’s CEO, Fabrizio Salanitri adds.

With fast response time, increased engagement of the customers, improved customer experience, and automated workflow. HORISEN SMS Long Number Service is a perfect solution for businesses eager to maintain continuous contact with their customers, gain their trust, and expand their database.

Find out more about this powerful two-way communication service.

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