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Cross-media marketing solutions

Tailored to your needs

Choose a smart combination of services and web applications from HORISEN cloud-based software
which will leverage your company in both analogue and digital business communications world.

«SMS Platform»

«» is SMS trading platform tailored for Wholesale SMS Business. Our SMS platform provides the best Bulk SMS transit service for wholesale customers and the best wholesale Bulk SMS pricing packages.

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Products -


The nGAGE application is the ideal solution for keeping your audience up to date. Schedule all your information SMS messages you would like to share easily and quickly with the calendar function.

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Telecom -


HORISEN Mobile Number Lookup Service provides access to all critical information on mobile number routing, identity and verification which enables carriers and mobile operators to improve delivery success rates and ported-number routing efficiency.

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Design -

Bulk SMS Wholesale

With our 100+ direct connections we can offer you the best SMS service. More than 10 years of experience leads to the highest level of availability and a minimum throughput of 20 SMS/sec. Reach out now to our mobile messaging exerts!

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Moblie Marketing -

Inbound SMS Service

Enable 2way SMS interactions with your customers by using HORISEN‘s Inbound SMS ranges. They are internationally reachable with no extra fees involved for your end customers. Get your customers more involved and let them reply.

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Connect your messaging app or webservice with our API either via HTTP or SMPP. The possibilty to create multiple accounts you can balance your SMS volume or split your traffic according to your criterias. Additionally you can query subscriber‘s MNP (mobile number portability) status via HORISEN‘s MNP API.

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