Bulk SMS – what you need to know to start?

Bulk SMS – what you need to know to start?

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How to start with Bulk SMS?

If you’re wondering what the easiest and best way to effectuate successful SMS marketing (using Bulk SMS) is, this text will provide you with an answer.

Let’s begin this story by going back to 2008, when Mary Meeker, a famous Internet analyst, boldly predicted that by 2014 mobile Internet use will overtake desktop Internet usage globally. Now, from a 2015 perspective, we can only agree and say: she was right! Smartphones and mobile devices, in general, have surpassed desktop and laptop PCs in percent of internet browsing and percent of time spent with online retail.

What does this suggest? It is simple. Mobile devices are becoming an enormous part of the world’s ‘Internet Future.’ Customers are now so comfortable using their smartphones as their primary shopping device that businesses must consider mobile marketing as a crucial part of their digital marketing strategies.

They must even focus and prioritise investments in mobile marketing if they want to keep the pace with continuous mobile development.

SMS marketing

If you’re asking yourself why we are speaking about mobile Internet consumption when writing about Bulk SMS service, we’ll explain. When discussing mobile marketing and its continuous rise in importance, we cannot forget one of its vital focal points – SMS. SMS marketing (or text message marketing) is an integral part of mobile marketing. If people are so attached to their smartphones, then businesses must use ALL possibilities mobile phones offer, with SMS at the top of this list.

So, let’s go back to the question from the beginning of this article: what is the best way to effectuate SMS marketing? The answer is: by using HORISEN Business Messenger! Bulk SMS is a service that empowers you to realise your SMS marketing campaigns efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. Bulk SMS also facilitates the way how you do your mobile marketing because it enables you to send large quantities of super-personalised messages directly to your customers.

Bulk SMS is the easiest way to interact with and engage your customers by sharing relevant information, announcing product-related news or communicating its value. In this way, you can reach out to a broad customer audience. Bulk messaging lets you deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets almost anywhere in the world. The power of this service is based on the fact that it enables fast and easy two-way SMS communication that can reach beyond borders. This service is an ideal solution for all businesses that want to connect to customers worldwide or specific target markets.

Bulk SMS application can be used to deliver advertising messages, alarms, stock exchange data, weather information, news updates, mobile banking, transaction information and many other relevant and useful data for customers. You can deliver any information you consider essential to your customers. You can even organise fun and engaging winning games or voting campaigns, and you can also collect customers’ feedback, so relevant and vital for your products and services. So, Bulk SMS service, in general, offers almost unlimited possibilities that can push your business and marketing efforts further, toward your goals.

One stop-shop for messaging business

You need to know that Bulk messaging is an automated process: you first must select the right SMS Marketing Platform provider, provide a list of mobile phone numbers, custom text to be sent, individual recipients (if any) and delivery date and time. When you choose your provider, for instance, if you decide to select HORISEN Business Messenger, after you give us all data listed above, we would then take care of the overall messaging management process and results. Bulk SMS is ideal for direct marketing activities, email marketing or newsletter promotion, but also SMS newsletters.

If you still haven’t filled-in your customer database with mobile phone numbers (relevant customers and target groups for your business), we recommend you great SMS winning game apps such as SMS Quiz, SMS Voting, SMS Points collecting, etc. Bulk SMS app is just one part of your successful CRM (customer relationship management) efforts that will bring your business forward and increase sales.

One more thing. Although the number of instant messaging services is growing, the one thing that is still standard on every mobile phone is SMS. This service and the smart tool doesn’t rely on the Internet to work. It can connect everyone, anywhere on any mobile phone, ‘smart’ or not. And since mobiles are today’s first-aid information and communication kit, to be able to reach people wherever they are in a matter of seconds, directly and in a personalised way, is the power every business must use if it wants to remain competitive. And the easiest and most effective way to leverage this power is by using Bulk messaging service. So, if you are still not using Bulk messaging, you definitely should, and the first step in this process is to select the right service provider. The right choice will help you make the most of this super-useful service.

Now, how does Bulk SMS work?

You just need to do a few steps before starting a successful mobile marketing campaign:

  1. Select Bulk SMS application
  2. Choose numbers from your contacts database
  3. Write custom text message(s)
  4. Select individual recipients (if any)
  5. Schedule date and time for sending SMS
  6. Filter mobile users by different criteria (gender, age, place of residence, etc.)
  7. Monitor the speed of the conversion process and follow up with a new campaign

And that’s it! As one survey found out, a staggering 98% of text messages are opened, making text messaging a very effective form of communication. This is why SMS is considered a vital sales and marketing tool.

Use this power wisely and create a clear and prepared marketing strategy that will increase your sales and build great brand loyalty.

If you need more information how to send SMS Marketing Campaigns, explore HORISEN Business Messenger to learn how it will help you easily set up and send any SMS campaign! Contact Us today and let us help you unlock the potential of your messaging business with the power of HORISEN platforms!


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