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We are in this together

“We are in this together” interview with HORISEN’s CEO, Fabrizio Salanitri has been published in the latest edition of Woman in Tech Magazine.

For more than 20 years, HORISEN has embraced diversity in general as an essential prerequisite for increased productivity, greater innovation and creativity. HORISENers believe that different backgrounds, genders and cultures provide the company with a balance of different skills and diversity of perspectives.

In spite of many people calling the telco industry a male-dominated industry, at HORISEN it is believed that the industry is dominated by engineers and people with a technical background – messaging technologists. Women or men, it is all the same for HORISEN.

At the end, it is about the work one brings to the company, women or men, it does not matter. They are all integral parts of the HORISEN family as their work is equally acknowledged and respected at HORISEN.

Read how HORISEN has coped with gender equality at work and supported Women in Tech over the years.



Gender equality at work

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