What’s on the HORISEN for messaging?

What’s on the HORISEN for messaging?

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What’s on the HORISEN for messaging?

“What’s on the HORISEN for messaging” interview with HORISEN’s CEO, Fabrizio Salanitri has been published in the latest issue of Telemedia Magazine.

Business messaging has become an intense business. Following the pandemic, more consumers than ever are engaging with brands and merchants through digital channels – and that has meant business have had to transform how they interact. But who is making it happen and what trends are shaping the industry?

Read how HORISEN “builds planes for the messaging industry so others can fly”, who messaging technologists are and find out what is the key to success for a messaging technology provider.

Curious? Read the whole interview to find out more.

What is on the HORISEN of messaging - Telemedia Magazine

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