HORISEN welcomes a new Messaging Superhero on board – Orange Polska

HORISEN welcomes a new Messaging Superhero on board – Orange Polska

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June 2017: HORISEN, a multi-award-winning messaging technology enabler has completed the negotiations and signed an agreement with Orange Polska, one of Central Europe’s largest telecommunications network operators.

As agreed, HORISEN will support Orange Polska with its fully-featured SMS Platform. Over the years Orange remains committed to providing benefit-led technology and opportunities.

New Messaging Superhero - Orange

Orange is much more than a traditional telecoms operator – by providing services such as fixed-line voice telecommunications, voice mail, fixed access to the Internet, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Orange is continuously expanding, so everyone can make the most of the latest technology. At the same time, HORISEN is a messaging technology software house enabling Mobile Operators like Orange to run their messaging business smoothly.

We needed to have partners who are truly dedicated to providing the best product they could have. HORISEN is one of the most recognizable platform providers on the telecom market. That reputation that HORISEN has built was unquestionably a solid background in the decision process” – says Jowanna Dobkovska from Orange Polska.

Supporting companies like Orange with our platforms is our mission and driving force for further improvements and innovations. We dedicate our full efforts to developing state-of-the-art platforms in order to simplify the everyday life of messaging professionals and that is why companies like Orange choose us as a reliable and trustworthy partner”. – states Fabrizio Salanitri, the CEO of HORISEN.


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