HORISEN wins three awards for the sixth time at CC-Global Awards

HORISEN wins three awards for the sixth time at CC-Global Awards

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HORISEN Messaging Technology Solutions win three awards for the sixth time at CC-Global Awards

Berlin – Carrier Community Global Awards 2022: The sixth annual CC-Global Awards recognizing innovations and achievements in the telecommunications industry worldwide, took place on 23 June 2022 in Berlin where HORISEN was granted three awards for the sixth time in a row.

HORISEN was among 43 winning companies attending this exclusive hybrid event and celebrating its achievements in the field of telecommunications. As a product house of powerful messaging technology solutions with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the industry, HORISEN was awarded as the Best SMS Platform Provider “Wholesale Solution”, Best Global SMS Platform Provider “Retail solution” and as the Best Innovative Application Provider.

“Best SMS Platform Provider – Wholesale Solution” award was granted to HORISEN for the sixth time in a row for its “most wanted” product – SMS Platform. As the only SMS Platform provider that has two decades of SMS wholesale experience, HORISEN SMS Platform was recognized for its state of excellence in delivery. This feature-rich, vendor-neutral, scalable platform allows its users (MNOs, SMS aggregators, SMS resellers) to manage all aspects of their SMS trading business from a single place, giving the platform a huge advantage over the other, similar platforms on the market.

As one of the jury members, Miguel Lopes stated: “Clear winner. HORISEN provides unparalleled flexibility for anyone that wants to become an aggregator or a CPaaS provider”.

“Best Global SMS Platform Provider – Retail solution” is another prestigious award which HORISEN won during the ceremony. HORISEN Business Messenger, a powerful messaging platform for business of all types and sizes, was awarded for its powerful omnichannel, cloud-based features for the third time in a row. Orchestrating communication across different messaging channels such as SMS, Web Push, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, FB Messenger, Instagram, Google Business Chat, RCS, etc., this CPaaS solution brings a high level of automation for any business using it, and a workflow that can drive scale and efficiency for everyone who decides to tap into the messaging landscape.

The jury member Ilija Reymond characterized it as “simply ahead with cutting-edge tech and innovation”.

The “Best Innovative Application Provider” award was granted for the fourth time in a row to HORISEN Messaging Suite as the result of HORISEN’s passion for innovation in the field of the telecom industry. The powerful Messaging Suite incorporates cutting-edge messaging technology products thus encompassing the whole messaging value chain, both wholesale and retail and makes HORISEN the only provider that can offer all telecom applications in the messaging business industry.

“Experience-driven product for thriving in the messaging biz value chain”- was the comment of Septika N. Widyasrini, CC-Global Awards 2022 jury member.

CC-Global Awards 2022 was a very successful night for HORISEN and its team.

“To be the best SMS Platform provider for wholesale and retail was my vision when I founded this company and ever since we have been striving toward excellence in messaging business. Winning an award is always a big honour but six times in a row makes me really proud. It is a recognition especially for my employees who work in the background, behind the scenes 24/7 and cannot see so much success in the front but with the award, they see what they have been working for. So this is their recognition.” – commented Fabrizio Salanitri, the CEO of HORISEN.

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