HORISEN wins four awards at GCCM Awards Berlin 2020

HORISEN wins four awards at GCCM Awards Berlin 2020

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CC-SMS Messaging Summit 2020 was special in so many ways. It has shown how we can adapt, improve, and change beyond expected – but still shine a light on our community and all the remarkable things done.

Carrier Community brought together MNOs, aggregators, wholesale carriers, and enterprises, but also leading messaging players and technology innovators in Berlin, after months of distant networking. In this new era of accessibility, it was refreshing to catch up with colleagues and partners about the most recent messaging trends, different markets, and last developments. How fast SMS and A2P Messaging industry are changing and growing, and how these opportunities could give our industry a competitive edge.

On the other side, what makes it truly miraculous, is how the global #Telco community recognized us as best in 4 categories:

Best SMS Platform Provider for Wholesale – fourth year in a row,

Best SMS Platform – Retail Solution – given for the first time by GCCM,

Best Innovative Software Provider – second time,

Best Innovative Application Provider – second time.

This year, once again, it was proven that if everyone is moving forward together – success takes care of itself. From the start, we were passionate to bring a horizon of communication opportunities to all types of business worldwide. We have gathered experience and expertise, united them within our four walls, and committed ourselves to bring the best possible surrounding for our clients to bloom.

How our work is mirrored from the perspective of jury:

‘’Continuous improvement platform to meet industry’s requirements.’’Septika Widyasrini

‘’Another excellent submission from the HORISEN team which really conveys how the company is going about changing the SMS platform world for the better’’James Williams

‘’HORISEN offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality and easy-to-use telecom software products for SMS wholesale trading and mobile marketing.’’Florence Sebastien

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