HORISEN focuses 100% on SMS software business

HORISEN focuses 100% on SMS software business

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Dear clients, we want to inform you that HORISEN AG has sold its SMS wholesale business and now we focus 100% of our industry know-how and experience to our SMS software business and sharing our SMS software solutions with the messaging market and companies wanting to enter the market.

Our mission is to add value and help our customers and partners, take their Messaging and Marketing solutions to the next level.

LINK Mobility group has acquired HORISEN’s Bulk SMS business – “HORISEN Messaging” in December 2017.

„I am very happy that our messaging customers will be in very good hands with LINK Mobility in the future and that HORISEN AG can now focus 100% on its software business. This transaction is a real win-win situation for LINK Mobility and HORISEN AG. I am also very pleased that LINK Mobility decided to continue using HORISEN SMS Platform, the award-winning messaging platform software of HORISEN AG, to take advantage of its powerful features thus strengthen its competitiveness in the messaging business“ says Fabrizio Salanitri, CEO of HORISEN AG.

HORISEN AG was in the Bulk SMS business for 17 years. During this period we’ve done a multimillion business as an aggregator. In the same time, we were developing our SMS wholesale software as we saw that other platforms on the market were not offering all the features we wanted. After so many years in the messaging business, we gathered so much experience that we knew precisely which SMS software would cover all aspects of this business. And we had enough engineering expertise to develop it.

HORISEN SMS Platform is a result of our vast industry know-how and messaging experience. It was developed to fulfil our messaging business objective: to smoothly run the entire process from a single place with minimal manual work. Moreover, to maximally monetize wholesale messaging avoiding all unnecessary costs.

We believe in our platform so much that we decided to exit the messaging market from an aggregation perspective and now we focus 100% of our time to sharing our software with the messaging market and companies wanting to enter the market.

About HORISEN SMS Platform

HORISEN SMS Platform is an award-winning, carrier-neutral SMS trading platform for SMS wholesale and retail business designed for Mobile operators, Voice carriers and SMS aggregators. Our SMS Platform enables you to run SMS wholesale business from A-Z, including detailed message testing, effective routing, pricing options, and built-in finances and billing system.

If you’re interested in learning more about HORISEN SMS Platform, check out the webpage.


HORISEN is a product-oriented software company specialized in developing cutting-edge products for telecom and mobile marketing. We develop software solutions for mobile operators, voice carriers, SMS aggregators, and enterprises of all sizes. Our products empower telecom service providers to run SMS wholesale & enterprise business. Enterprises use our products to run their own messaging business and to carry out mobile marketing activities to support sales.



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