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Mobile Number Lookup Service

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MNP: Mobile Number Lookup Service

First: what is MNP? Mobile Number Lookup service enables you to send your SMS traffic through the most optimal route. It provides access to all critical information on mobile number portability which will help you improve delivery success rates and ported-number routing efficiency.

Second: what is mobile number portability? Mobile number portability allows a mobile subscriber to change mobile operator without changing mobile number. It is a convenient way to switch operators without having to change telephone number.

As this service is top-rated among the users, operators, carriers and those who send Bulk SMS notifications to customers need to have accurate information about phone numbers to secure successful message delivery.

As carrier nowadays allow their subscribers to keep their phone numbers when switching to other carriers, number portability plays an integral part in the messaging ecosystem. Ensure that your message reaches the handset regardless of changes in the users’ service or providers.


  1. Eliminates ported-number routing inefficiency
  2. Improves revenue margins
  3. Increases delivery success rates
  4. Effective revenue leakage prevention
  5. Real-time mobile network information

Mobile number lookup service is a must for those who are trading SMS and collecting customers’ phone numbers to send SMS notifications. This service enables you to check easily which mobile operator numbers belong to so that you can send messages to the right operator, through the right route. In this way, you’ll avoid extra costs which happen if you send text messages to the wrong operator.

Number lookup helps you identify and separate valid phone numbers from invalid ones. With this information, you can clean up your mobile number database by removing the invalid ones. Lookup tool saves you both time and money.

The lookup can be done in 2 ways:

  • HLR (Home Location Register): a real-time number lookup, usually used by mobile operators when they need some specific technical requirements.
  • MNP (Mobile Number Lookup): a database of mobile numbers, but not in a real-time. Databases are updated when numbers are ported, but not if the mobile number is switched off or is in roaming.

The basic number lookup provides you with information about to which country mobile number belongs to and to which particular mobile operator it belongs to.

If you need this service, check our Mobile Number Lookup which provides access to all critical information on mobile number routing, identity, and verification which enables carriers and mobile operators to improve delivery success rates and ported-number routing efficiency.

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