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Services related to our Marketing & Communication software solutions

Our products are the heart of HORISEN. However, they should be well promoted, too. Therefore, we offer our customers additional services. Not only does HORISEN develop marketing products specifically tailored to your needs, but also all relevant services related to our products. Our creative associates create tailor-made suit for our offers - because "ready-made" design is simply boring.


Regular quality contact with our customers is very important to us. In case of any questions, requests or wishes we are happy to be at your disposal. Simply call the following telephone number: +41 58 700 00 00
We are here for you from Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 11:30 am and 2:30 to 4:00 pm. Don't hesitate to call us. We are looking forward to helping you!

App Development

Tailor-made applications with high-quality database contribute to fan-to-customer conversion. During a joint interview, in collaboration with you, we will develop a product that is absolutely flexible and tailored to your needs and desires. This way you are going to achieve the best positioning of your brand according to your business objectives and goals.

Campaign support

What we do

In order to produce high-quality advertisement for your brand and offer you a successful cross-channel marketing strategy, an intensive cooperation with you as a client is necessary. In detailed consultation with you, we will first develop a strategy. Once you are satisfied with our suggestions, our designers and experts will begin the creation and implementation of individual designs and solutions. Of course, you will be involved in the process the whole time, because you have to be satisfied. Then we will be satisfied, too.

Content Marketing

Once the idea is mature and decision on design and strategy is made, practical part of our work begins. HORISEN creative team prepares fresh texts, creates magical photos, exciting video clips and individual designs - for your efficient analogue and digital performance. In doing so, we combine modern marketing tools with emotional storytelling and creativity.

Marketing Services

"One product with everything, please." This is how we would describe our services. We create and maintain your web presentation, so that it perfectly matches the requirements of customers and browsers. Our servers offer you a safe port for all your data, and our SEM experts are both important initiators and creative brains. In order for customers to see, use and like a product, participation of everyone is required. We can do it, we do it, we are IT!

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Your web presentation is your business card on the web:
Nowadays, web presentation has to fulfil a lot of requirements. Data protection must be guaranteed at any time, as well as customers general safety. Web presentation, which is simple and easy to navigate, helps your customers to quickly find their way and ensures positive connection to your company. We are In order to be able to guarantee unlimited user friendliness, Responsive Web design and "Mobile first" philosophy is a must for us. Domain has to be both simple and majestic and it must match your brand. In order to achieve this, we make Top Level Domains available for you and enable you to choose individually and flexibly. Whether you want to transfer the domain to an existing web presentation or to register a completely new one for us is the same. HORISEN guarantees safe and reliable storage of your data on our servers.

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Just Google a Google advertisement:
Quick search on Google, everybody does so. And precisely because of that Google advertisement is such a huge factor in the field of online marketing. However, only the necessary know-how guarantees that your investment will pay off and your turnover will increase. With Google AdWords you're at the top. On Google and with your customers.

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Social Media - social has never been so easy:
From tailor-made applications through cool Facebook campaign and to cross-media marketing strategy: we execute and support your campaign across all channels. Through real-time reports and constant adjustments you can measure your success at any time. That way you can focus on your core business activity with no stress and no risk.

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Mobile Marketing is different now:
Being where the customers are. Easier said than done? With the help of HORISEN you can animate the customers and thereby be mobile and flexible. Our Promoliner can adjust to your needs flexibly and individually. Inside and outside. In this way, you can always be where your customers are. Simply by being mobile. And our Selfie Box is marketing at a second glance. Your customers can create their own happy selfies and immediately participate. Connect pleasure, mobility and marketing - new methods enable new ways.

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Publishing - where analogue and digital become one:
Using innovative ideas and fresh creativity, your portfolio becomes a real "eye catcher". In order for your company to be presented in a unique manner, it is necessary that your analogue and digital marketing go hand in hand. High quality printed products offer your customers an equally important added value as well as digital publications. Authentic storytelling contributes significantly to how your company will be accepted. Therefore, it is advisable to leave this important task to professionals.

Strong team is required for a strong performance

"People who work together add their potentials. People who work for each other multiply their potential!" – Steffen Kirchner -

A team is what we believe in. And we live and work according to this saying. Because everybody has their own specialty - in this way we work for each other so that we would always be able to reach our maximum potential. Meet us and let our team work impress you.