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SMS Winning Game Application

Quick and simple SMS marketing campaigns that successfully attract customers

HORISEN SMS Winning Game application increases your brand awareness and generates new customers - without great expenses.

You want

  • To raise your brand awareness with SMS Winning Game
  • To build a quality customer database
  • To give away different prizes
  • Minimum administrative costs
  • To freely decide on the cost per SMS

We have

  • The best SMS winning game apps on the market
  • Automated prizes' distribution system
  • Smart customer data collection strategies
  • Already defined SMS winning game prices


  • Fully automated SMS campaigns
  • Quick, simple and reliable application
  • Winning games, as often as you want
  • Unlimited distribution of prizes
  • Easy import of voucher codes
  • Instant SMS answers to participants
  • Different text for each prize enabled
  • Flexible costs per SMS
  • Website address generator
  • Customer data export (Excel, CSV)
  • Campaign management via online admin panel
  • Real-time statistics


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales
  • Attract more customers
  • Generate databases with valuable data on customers
  • Offer different winning game packages
  • Efficiently measure advertising channels
  • Achieve customer retention
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SMS Winning Game app - increase your brand awareness with minimum costs

Fast, easy, efficient: by using HORISEN's Winning Game application you can make a persuasive advertising campaigns for your customers and thus strengthen your brand..

Your effort is minimal - the whole process is completely automated: participation login, control of each keyword sent, random winner selection, prize allocation (first prize, instant prize, etc.), winner announcement and notification. Even participants' addresses are automatically generated by our sophisticated SMS Winning Game system. Simply download them as an XLS or CSV file and later you can create a customer database with phone numbers and addresses.

All you need to do for your SMS winning game campaign are these seven steps - we will do the rest:

  1. Idea for your SMS winning game campaign (e.g. holiday)
  2. Appropriate keyword selection (e.g. "VACATION")
  3. Design and advertising planning (e.g. posters, flyers)
  4. Prize rates and numbers (e.g. 1 x travel voucher)
  5. Enter all prizes in SMS winning game system
  6. Set the campaign start and end date
  7. Start the campaign!

HORISEN SMS Wining Game app gives you a full control of the campaign. You can control and adjust all the contents via online admin panel at any time during SMS campaign. In this way you have full control over your campaign but in the same time it gives you ability to make changes based on its results. This is where real-time statistics help, which measure the success of your SMS Winning Game and deliver you valuable information about your revenue.

Advantages of our SMS Winning Game App

  • Efficient and easy organization of great SMS advertising campaigns
  • Boosting sales via SMS Winning Game
  • Brand awareness enhancement
  • Generating new customers
  • Customer loyalty promotion
  • Fully automated SMS marketing
  • Minimum operational costs
  • Instant sending of redeemable voucher codes via SMS
  • Automatic communication via SMS
  • Quality customer database creation

SMS Winning Game application – step-by-step

With your digital SMS advertising campaign you can offer your customers great entertainment. Participation is so simple that anyone can join and try their luck.

In doing so, you can freely decide on the costs per SMS paid by the participants. The benefit: if revenue were generated this way, it may be used for supporting your campaign.

This is how SMS Winning Game works:

  • Participants send an SMS with defined keyword to 919.
  • The system randomly determines whether this SMS wins or not.
  • Participants are immediately informed by SMS whether they won or not.
  • Each participant gets a discount voucher that can be redeemed in an online shop or point of sale.
  • The participant enters the contact details which are forwarded to

Whether you are interested in quizzes, instant winning games or points collecting winning games - our application offers you SMS winning games for different target groups. Call us, and we'll advise you on the strategy that will help you gain new customers!