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Call & Vote

Get additional revenue with a mass calling platform

HORISEN is a specialist for managing voice apps – one of the best is Call & Vote.

You want

  • To run a voting campaign using the phone
  • To handle thousands of calls in very short time
  • To generate revenue with a voting campaign
  • To quickly collect participant data
  • To have a real-time overview of voting results

We have

  • The best phone voting application
  • Mass calling platform which handles 1,000+ concurrent calls
  • Attractive Revenue Shares when using 090x numbers
  • Application which collects participants’ data after they submit their votes via answering machine
  • Real-time Call & Vote statistics that are available online


  • A Call & Vote application suitable for any type of voting campaign
  • Real-time voting results available
  • No user pre-registration needed
  • Possibility to combine Call & Vote with a premium number
  • Export votes to Excel at any time
  • Online cockpit for easy settings
  • Evaluation and full campaign support available


  • Applicable for any type of voting campaigns
  • To attract voters for radio and TV shows, concerts, sports events, fairs, etc
  • Product reviews
  • Telephone voting research
  • Voting for Parliament Elections
  • Television Voting
  • Great marketing tool to generate customer data
  • To create additional revenue
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Give your customers a great and simple opportunity – to vote via their phones using Call & Vote application! Our Call & Vote application allows you to quickly and easily run phone voting campaigns for thousands of participants. Your participants simple call your 090x number(s) in order to hear a short audio message and then give their votes. This mass calling platform enables you to generate additional revenue with our call & vote application.

In case you want to collect user data after the voting, we can also insert an answering machine into the call flow where the users can leave their message in the Call & Vote system. Call & Vote as a mass voting platform is designed to provide high dialing capacity and operates at a low cost per call. Therefore, Call & Vote is ideal for attracting broadcasters and TV / radio production partners. This application can be used to vote for artists, super talents, models, and much more. Because broadcasting campaigns are usually followed by millions of people, Call & Vote application can process millions of participants during a show or a contest.

HORISEN’s Call & Vote application is fully automated starting from participant registration, production of recorded announcements and other voice recordings necessary for gathering additional contact details from participants. You can easily adjust the sound of all outgoing messages by uploading the audio file (mp3) into our Call & Vote system. All you need for running a quality Call & Vote campaign is a 090x number. If you already have 090x numbers, the application is ready for use. Otherwise, we will provide you with 090x numbers offering an attractive Revenue Share model.

You have a full, real-time control over the voting history. Our detailed and real-time Call & Vote statistics give you all the information you need. In the online cockpit you can modify the voting settings at any time and monitor all data retrieved from the callers. Participation in a Call & Vote campaign is very simple: the participant dials your 090x number and follows the instructions. At the end of the call our Call & Vote application hangs up the call automatically to release the line for the next call.

Because it’s so simple and highly available, Call & Vote is the application many participants will use to join your voting campaign and your business benefits from additional revenue fast!

Mobile Voting Campaign Image
Call and Vote Image


Preparations from your side

  1. Define the type of phone voting campaign
  2. Record the message which will be played for participants when they dial your number
  3. Advertise your voting campaign on your website and announce prizes for voters
  4. Set the starting and ending dates for your phone voting campaign
  5. Record additional messages – contact details for the database or a short commercial
  6. Get started

How your customers participate in Call & Vote campaign

  1. Participants dial your 090x number using their phones
  2. The system responds by playing your recorded message (IVR service – interactive voice response)
  3. The application records and sorts the answers (votes)
  4. The system plays additional messages (if any)
  5. Participants go online to fill in the form and win prizes
  6. This is the part where your future marketing activities start