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Call & Pay

Enable quick & safe payment by phone

Safe, fast and easy payment system anyone can afford.

You want

  • Online payment done with a telephone call
  • Users are charged through their telephone bill
  • Reliable and fast payment service
  • Alternative web payment service to credit cards
  • Anonymous payment procedure for users

We have

  • Call & Pay system for safe online payment
  • Application with no additional costs for your customers
  • Attractive pay-outs for calls you generate
  • Payment solution which works with a simple phone call
  • No personal data needed, payment is done via a simple telephone call


  • Fastest payment system
  • Very user friendly
  • Call & Shop
  • Real-time statistics
  • No registration or login needed
  • Default service numbers provided
  • Personal service numbers enabled
  • Technical support included


  • Provide a fast and reliable payment system
  • Alternative to credit cards
  • Anonymous payment system
  • To increase the overall cash flow
  • To promote safe online shopping
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The fastest and safest payment system is available! There is no easier way to do any kind of payment than using a telephone (Call & Pay). No typing, no time wasting, no errors. The most reliable payment method is available on any telephone, either mobile or landline. Call & Pay is a great alternative to existing payment systems. Call & Pay works on every telecom operator’s system.

Call & Pay total payment is managed via regular monthly telephone billing. Two billing types are supported: a fixed amount per call is charged regardless of call duration. This amount is charged immediately after the connection has been established. The other type is a minute-based tariff where the user also pays a fixed amount, but this time it’s charged per call minute where the final bill depends on call duration. The total number of minute-based credits is limited and it varies depending on the telecommunication provider.

There is also pay per minute Call & Pay service which defines amounts paid during a call. This Call & Pay option charges a fixed amount that will be charged to a user for one call, billed by minutes. The final price is, therefore, based on the total number of minutes spent on this one call. A minute-based web access via Call & Pay ON/OFF charge by phone grants access to online content and purchases during the call. When the call is terminated, the selected online purchase is locked. A credit tank-up tariff allows a user to do the online purchase by pre-defined amount paid. In this way, the call is on until the total balance is reached.

Call & Pay is a payment solution tailor-made for whatever your requirements: either using default Call & Pay service numbers or personal, pre-defined service numbers approved by a country’s operator.

Go to and explore the numerous possibilities of Call & Pay system.

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How online shopping procedure using Call & Pay looks like from user's perspective:

  1. Go to ecommerce site and select a particular product/service
  2. Click on the pay button
  3. The Call & Pay payment option appears in pop-up window
  4. The buyer dials the number displayed on a pop-up window
  5. The buyer receives a code via phone call that needs to be entered in the appropriate field. The call is automatically ended when correct code has been submitted
  6. By clicking the "OK" button the payment process is completed
  7. After this procedure is completed, the Call & Pay system redirects the user to a selected (purchased) product/service page
  8. The user gets the product/service