Inbound SMS service

HORISEN Inbound SMS service:
Global 2-way communication between brands and their clients

Engage your clients, collect user data, build customer loyalty

HORISEN Inbound SMS service enables worldwide two-way SMS interaction between you and your clients. It provides your prospects and customers with an easy way to get in touch to share feedback, send inquiries, ask for support, book appointments… allowing you, in return, to collect their contact information for the future marketing campaigns.

Cost-effective system for growing your marketing database

HORISEN Inbound SMS service automatically collects and stores mobile phone numbers, which makes it an ideal solution for building up your contact database in an easy, user-friendly, time and cost effective manner. Use our solution to effortlessly collect high-quality customer contacts and add them to your CRM for the direct marketing activities.

How does Inbound SMS service work?

Inbound SMS service allows businesses to receive SMS online. It is based on virtual or dedicated inbound numbers which can, with the right dialing code, work internationally.

HORISEN’s simple API transforms the telecom protocol into a simple http(s), allowing you to view and manage incoming messages in any application. It also collects user phone numbers, which you can then automatically push into your CRM system for further use.

Benefits of using Inbound SMS service

Using SMS for direct customer communication provides your customers, employees and prospects with an easy and cost-effective way to get in touch with you. While it’s true you could use your own mobile, that has certain limitations, such as dealing with a large number of SMS on your own. Inbound SMS service enables you to:

  • Receive messages online so they can be efficiently processed by multiple people
  • Automatically collect users’ phone numbers and store them into your CRM
  • Send automatic replies
  • Communicate with users from all around the world for a flat price per SMS
  • Allow your users from all over the globe to get in touch with you without any extra costs

How is it used?

Inbound SMS service is ideal for direct 2-way communication via SMS for:

  • Customer service and support
    • Requests for information (subscription status, account balance)
    • Password changes
    • Appointment inquiries
  • Requesting a service (e.g. taxi drive)
  • Obtaining feedback
  • Gathering survey responses
  • Starting/stopping a subscription
  • Voting
  • Winning games
  • Etc.

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