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Build brand awareness and increase customer retention.

Attract customers with a great loyalty program.

iCard is the best customer loyalty system for your business.

Digital customer loyalty card

«iCard» - your best customer loyalty system

Generate new client data and increase sales.

«iCard» is a customer loyalty program which will get purchasers more often to your store, and attract new people who want to be rewarded when they do regular shopping. In contrast to a “real” customer card, which a client needs to carry and show when buying something in a shop, the «iCard» identification works via end user’s mobile phone number. The user gets an «iCard» account (online login), where he can check his purchases and vouchers. This digital card will help you to improve customer retention, increase sales, improve product awareness and marketing.

Make your clients come back for more!

«iCard» is not only a loyalty program, but it also helps you collect quality customer data. Prize vouchers are sent via mail (letter). In order to collect his prize, the customer needs to register with his address. He receives the award, you get his data, which you can use for your direct marketing activity.
A win-win situation for all!

Features / Advantages

Independent loyalty system

No need to connect to your cash register (POS system).

Customer analyzing tool

Full insight into clients' purchasing behavior.

Automatic voucher generator

You set the rules when and which coupon will be generated.

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