“The rise of messaging technology” interview with HORISEN’s CEO, Fabrizio Salanitri has been published in the October-November issue of GCCM Magazine.

We are witnessing an extreme increase of messaging nowadays. In today’s mobile-first world, people expect immediate and concise ways of communication, they want to send rich media and be the center of communication. Messaging makes it all possible so no surprise that it became an integral part of people’s daily lives worldwide. With this meteoric increase of messaging, messaging technology is advancing at a rapid pace. The 2000 was the decade of the internet, the 2010 was the decade of mobile apps, and now we are entering a new era. 2020 has definitely started as the decade of the rise of messaging technology and HORISEN is more than proud to be an integral part of this rise. For many companies in the telecommunications industry, this is the opportunity to rise to the challenge and utilize all their potential to make the most of it. 

Read about the rise of messaging technology, reasons we consider ourselves as an aircraft company, who we consider messaging technologists, and why you should jump into the HORISEN plane.

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HORISEN's CEO interview for GCCM Magazine