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Responsive Web Design

Always the best design

For a superior user-experience across all devices.

You want

  • A better website
  • A website that generates sales
  • A professional web presence
  • The highest security and data protection
  • A website that is accessible and interactive
  • Great design accessible from any device

We have

  • Website development that covers all business needs
  • Responsive web design included in web development process
  • Expertise that helps you build successful websites
  • A high-security CMS built completely in-house
  • A team that delivers web sites that look good on every device
  • Interactive media and design options accessible from any device


  • Fast coding – short development time
  • 100% custom website – excellent coding and secure from the first
  • Custom art direction: responsive images that fit into custom screen size
  • Responsive layout: website optimized for any device
  • Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance – with a single URL
  • Fully "hacker-proof" websites
  • Landing pages optimized for mobile access
  • Access to analytics from one source instead of multiple
  • Easier maintenance


  • Quality browsing experience and end-user satisfaction
  • Visually appealing web presentations (custom art direction)
  • Strong online sales and distinctive online presence
  • Interactive web pages – used from mobile device(s)
  • To speed up the buying process
  • Competitiveness on the market/business industry
  • Responsive web design increases leads

Google Certified Partner Agency

  • HORISEN fulfils the required criteria for the Google certification and therefore proudly qualifies as a "Google Partner". The certification stands for expert knowledge in dealing with Google AdWords and is only awarded to trustworthy enterprises which meet the conditions laid down by Google quality requirements. This quality we would like to share with you.

Google describes its certified partners as the following:

  • Google partners always remain up to date
  • Google partners have brains
  • Google partners have access to Google support / training and products
  • Google partners apply the best practices of Google
Responsive web design is what makes a better website

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Successful business can happen only with a high-quality responsive website. Building websites does not represent a technological challenge anymore, but the real challenge is how to provide quality website content in terms of: strong concept and innovative ideas, responsive design, performance, using apps and writing quality content optimized for search engines. We compete in the market as the leading providers of “all-inclusive” web packages – which means that we provide a fully-designed responsive website for your business.

HORISEN web design utilizes the latest insights from neuro-scientific research on how the human brain works. Despite design being subject to fashion trends and “flavours of the day” we incorporate neuro-marketing best practices to optimize impact and customer perception of your web site. One compelling change in the market is the explosion of form factors and screen sizes that people are using to browse the web: people now use laptops, tablets, smartphones or new devices like smart TV sets. A web site designed with a responsive layout uses fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and CSS3 media queries.

“Mobile first” is a modern rule. More and more people access the Internet from their portable devices on a daily basis. Responsive web design is the key to a successful and visible business – especially for sales. According to some rough statistics from the end of 2013, 1 in 8 websites is responsive. With accelerating trends, mobile browsing will shortly overtake desktop Internet searches. Responsive web design is especially important for brands because many consumers are already using their mobile devices to search products, but also purchase them this way.

Besides mobile-first trending there is a concern about the overall security of web applications. HORISEN builds 100% custom responsive websites which satisfy all of the leading security requirements. Our high-security CMS is based on Zend Framework which provides high performance, reduces development time and ensures your site is built on a reliable and well-tested foundation. Leave Security in Our Hands!
Our high-security CMS consists of excellent coding and receives regular security testing which means that we provide the most security-conscious websites. This testing is done using the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) tool to ensure a completely hacker-proof web application. Our people have extensive security experience and use these tools to achieve highest security and ensure our web apps are protected all the time.

Stay safe in the years to come, ensure your business sustainability with high-security web applications built with responsive web design – which is our own rule for success and relevance in the market.

In one of the interviews from Forbes magazine, Responsive Web Design was described as: “Responsive websites simplify internet marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Instead of having to develop and manage content for multiple websites, businesses with responsive sites can take a unified approach to content management because they have only the one responsive site to manage”. Responsive web design is different from mobile site pages and, therefore, has many positive features compared with websites built separately for mobile and desktop users. It consists of just one URL so users can access the same page using different access devices.

Using Responsive web design in your online business presentation will save you money, effort and cost in multi-channel distribution and product/service promotions. This feature comes with custom responsive website development, so you don’t need to worry about adding it after website launch. Besides responsiveness, your web applications are secure from any malware, totally “hacker-proof” and tested on regular basis for flawless performance.

User Experience Benefits:

  • Users like sites which are visually appealing to them
  • The aesthetics of the responsive site will attract more visitors to come back
  • It’s more efficient and effective to use
  • Quick loading time, regardless of device
  • Same information and pages are available for browsing
Responsive Web Design Image


Responsive web design is part of any successfully developed web presentation – especially when it comes to a business. This step is done within initial project specification (technical documentation). The need for “Mobile first” websites has created a whole new philosophy that uses strategic approaches to provide web best practices. This philosophy of mobile first responsive websites prioritizes mobile context in terms of end-user experience. So, mobile first allows websites to:

  1. Reach more people
  2. Be functional forcing designers to focus on the core content
  3. Take advantage of new technologies where designers innovate the process by adding geolocation, touch events, etc.
  4. Increase sales because the complete content is also available “on the move”