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Marketing Technology

Marketing and Technology have become one

Smart, easy and efficient marketing automation solutions: for any business or industry size.

Marketing and technology – two areas that are subject to constant change and progress. Their increasing blending and complete digitization of communication belong to this change. We have recognized this change and transformed it into our passion.

The new marketing approach requires certain technological inputs and knowledge. A modern marketer is, therefore, a technically-savvy professional who understands the needs of the market and his consumers well and uses these technological inputs to achieve the final goals of his customers. The digital marketing era imposes strong professionalism on both sides – marketing and technology. HORISEN employees are specialists in marketing, but also specialists in technology. We talk the same language in both worlds and have strong know-how when it comes to the customer experience. Our specialists use different web, mobile phones, social media and customer relationship management (CRM) systems based on our own internally developed and hosted software. We understand both marketing and technology departments’ needs and our task is to successfully mediate between these two essential groups in today’s digital world.

We are marketing technologists. This term means a lot to us - it describes the connection of different abilities and talents of our associates. They think in a logical way, know how to develop a first-class software, and have a heart and a creative spirit of an artist.

What makes our marketing technologists so special?

Why Marketing Technology?

IT sector and related professional knowledge of information technologies have become an essential part of any successful marketing. This expertise is very precise and complex, while many customers' requests have to be processed. HORISEN has the right technology to meet the customer requirements. This broad expertise derives from many successfully implemented projects with companies from various sectors: from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. Technology decisions and the right marketing strategy are inter-connected. This is why marketing must become one with technology.

"We are building a bridge between information and marketing technology."