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«»: SMS Platform for Wholesale SMS Business

Fully managed wholesale SMS business suite built exclusively for SMS Wholesale Business.

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You want

  • To run successful wholesale SMS messaging business
  • Reliable SMS platform for mass sending
  • Reseller platform to trade SMS in high volume
  • Feature-rich SMS trading platform
  • A new revenue stream
  • Platform that works on any device
  • Low infrastructure costs – best quality
  • No CAPEX – no maintenance
  • No engineering – no programming
  • Dedicated technical support

We have

  • Robust state-of-the-art Bulk SMS trading platform
  • Feature-rich SMS platform for wholesale business
  • A reliable platform, very comfortable to work with
  • SMS platform with superior features
  • Complete SMS wholesale business from a single place
  • SMS platform to monetize SMS and trade all over the world
  • 15 years of experience in the SMS business
  • SMS Business Department with dedicated engineers and 24/7 support team


  • SMS trading platform tailored for SMS wholesale business
  • Turnkey web based solution including Pricing, Routing, Billing, Reporting and Fault management
  • Fully managed platform: no engineering support required
  • Multilanguage support for Wholesale and Retail Portal
  • Unlimited license model: no limitations in the amount of connections, customers, suppliers, users, rate plans, etc.
  • No Capex: no hardware to buy / no software to install
  • State-of-the art, user friendly web portal


  • Efficient trade with SMS in high volume all over the world
  • End-to-end SMS wholesale business management from a single spot
  • Enter the SMS wholesale market
  • Improve SMS wholesale business results
  • SMS wholesale business development
  • A new revenue stream by trading SMS in bulk
  • Boost revenue growth and enhance industry performance
  • Connect with leading MNOs to do business safely and easily
  • Select SMS Wholesale Business solution according to on your needs
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«» is SMS trading platform tailored for Wholesale SMS Business. Our SMS platform provides the best Bulk SMS transit service for wholesale customers and the best wholesale Bulk SMS pricing packages. «» is the world’s leading hosted SMS reseller platform for Wholesale SMS Business that ensures you will benefit from:

  • The highest throughput capacity
  • Extremely low delivery latency
  • Lower costs
  • Best industry standard protocols used

«» is a hosted turnkey SMS reseller solution including switching, routing, pricing, billing and fault management. HORISEN SMS platform is a fully-featured all-in-one SMS trading platform for those who run SMS wholesale business. The cloud-based platform enables you to build scalable and reliable SMS services which can range from one connection to thousands of connections per platform partner.

Our SMS Platform addresses all aspects of SMS Wholesale Business and offers an easy-to-use web portal for your team to manage the daily business: finance, sales, routing, routing statistics, testing, support

Our hosted SMS reseller platform delivers messages securely, reliably and instantly all over the world. «» is a scalable, reliable and safe wholesale SMS trading platform, with end-to-end SMS Wholesale Business solutions. Our reseller platform is cloud-based suite for SMS Wholesale Business, capable of supporting very large message volume. This robust state-of-the-art Bulk SMS trading platform features only the best technology and software capabilities. Easy to use, multi-screen platform is designed to work on any modern device.

«» is robust and redundant cloud-based SMS platform. The advanced cloud-based platform solution enables quick, easy and safe access to our powerful SMS platform. HORISEN cloud-based SMS suite provides a top-notch user experience with always-on services, support and real-time reporting.

Our web-based approach guarantees low infrastructure costs. You are able to use our SMS platform without having to invest in infrastructure, administration, software and support.

No Capex: no hardware to buy / no software to install. «» is fully managed platform: no engineering is needed. Our approach is 100% open source, no database or operating system has to be licenced.

HORISEN has 15 years of experience in the SMS business. Our expertise is a trustworthy source that will guide you in to the SMS market and help your business achieve excellent results.

Go to and explore the numerous possibilities of HORISEN «SMS Platform».

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The main benefits «» SMS Platform offers to you

  • All your SMS business needs covered by fully-equipped SMS platform
  • Easy to use, fully managed platform to run your workflow from a single spot
  • Modern, compact and intuitive design based on state-of-the-art technology
  • Optimized for technical as well as for selling teams and persons
  • Excellent user privileges control
  • Made for resellers to fulfil all their needs
  • Great statistics with more than needed information beautifully shown to be understood at a glance
  • Extremely easy routing, with precise traffic definition
  • Individual rate plans tailored to your customers’ requirements
  • Easy billing management – automated invoicing
  • No CAPEX: no hardware to buy / no software to install
  • Multi-screen platform designed to work on any device, e.g. tablets
  • All you need is a browser – no maintenance needed

HORISEN SMS Platform features

  • State-of-the art, user friendly web portal
  • Redundant and robust SMS platform: carrier-grade availability (99.999%)
  • High throughput capacity
  • Extremely low delivery latency
  • System throughput of ca. 5,000 SMS/second
  • Protocols: SMPP, SMPP over SSL, http, https
  • SS7 protocols
  • Turnkey web based solution: Switching, Pricing, Routing, Billing, Fault management
  • Fast and simple price management
  • Powerful and feature rich routing editor
  • Priority Control: define delivery priority rules for each rate plan or connection, for both SMS and MNP individually
  • Sophisticated queue control: buffered SMS can be paused, restarted, prioritized, rerouted and rejected
  • Routing changes in less than 10 seconds
  • MNP/HLR based routing to maximize delivery
  • Highly protected and hacker safe platform
  • Graphical presentation of results with interactive charts
  • Sophisticated drilldown possibilities
  • Intelligent SMS Firewall (SMS filter)

And many, many more!

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