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Inbound SMS Service

Easily engage in 2-way SMS conversations

Marketing starts with successful SMS interaction with your customers.

You want

  • A global reply service
  • Personalized communication
  • Higher customer engagement
  • To collect customer data

We have

  • Inbound SMS service that includes direct interaction with customers
  • HORISEN Inbound SMS service can be used globally
  • A service that includes: customer questions, inquiries, replies from all over the world
  • Online database which aggregates customer data


  • Global reach through a single point of access
  • Two-way SMS communication enabled
  • SMS applications
  • SMS integration into different mobile applications
  • Technical support
  • Integrated SMS generator (online system)
  • Full SMS control and management
  • Business account
  • Opt-in messages


  • Interaction with customers
  • Convert leads into customers
  • Quality customer support
  • To stimulate customer interest for your product / service
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The Inbound SMS service can collect SMS messages worldwide and enables two-way SMS interactivity which represents a starting point for your successful marketing campaigns, social networking and increases customer loyalty. The main goal is to collect mobile phone numbers that will bring quality contact information for your customer database. In this way you will increase sales, business availability and/or brand visibility, but will also stimulate your customer’s interest for your products or services.

HORISEN provides Inbound SMS service that generates local, but also international mobile phone numbers and is available worldwide. Inbound SMS service allows customers to easily interact with your business: they can send you questions, inquires, requests for free content download or text-to-win messages. Interactive SMS communication enables your brand to stick in customers’ minds. As a result, you can measure the level of customer loyalty after each campaign you organized.

Inbound SMS service is a key element which allows you to interact with your mobile audience, motivate your customers and build great brand awareness through various advertising or marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the key benefits you get with Inbound SMS service:

  • Customer interaction with your brand, specific product or service
  • International mobile dialogue is enabled
  • Reliable and fast SMS delivery
  • Reliable infrastructure which is able to process high volumes of incoming SMS in short timeframes
Inbound SMS Service Image
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What does Inbound SMS service looks like when a user sends SMS:

  1. There is a globally reachable number (number to send SMS to)
  2. A user can send SMS to selected number from anywhere in the world
  3. There is no extra-charge. The cost for the message is the same as a regular SMS
  4. The system catches the SMS and sends it to your specific URL
  5. After you select and analyze the message, it appears in our internal system
  6. You can also define email address and receive customer SMS