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Premium SMS

Monetize your content and customer engagement

For premium service value that generates revenue worldwide.

You want

  • More revenue and fast customer attraction
  • Flexible payment system
  • Interaction with your customers
  • Long-term relationship with customers

We have

  • Premium SMS service that monetizes content and engages customers
  • Attractive pay-out rates
  • Reply messages sent to customers (with a personal note!)
  • Subscription-based content; users apply for Premium SMS service which is chargeable, but you send them regular updates


  • Micro-payment channel
  • Fast reach through a single SMS
  • Flexible tariffs and billing types
  • Technical support included
  • Service hosted on internal, data protected server
  • Billing for one-time purchases supported
  • Regular subscription payment
  • No registration or login needed
  • Real-time statistics
  • Easy to unsubscribe from a Premium SMS service


  • Efficient revenue system
  • No credit cards needed for quality and fast purchases / payments
  • Premium SMS is ideal for brand promotion
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Premium SMS services are those that add premium value to basic services (price is different from standard price of SMS – so the mobile phone user is charged an additional amount for using this service). The Premium SMS service uses short codes for sending a message, for example, when buying a product or service or participating in SMS voting.
HORISEN hosts the Premium SMS service on its own servers and platforms. Premium SMS service is included in cloud-based services for mobile marketing applications.

The Premium SMS service is a great tool for companies to generate revenue by charging mobile phone users for services (payment, contest, voting, donations, etc.).
Premium SMS service is ideal for: one-off payments, subscriptions or text-and-win promotions.

Premium SMS are used when mobile phone users want to:

  • Participate in a contest
  • Participate in winning games and auctions
  • Pay for website access
  • Buy online content
  • Vote for their favorite candidate in a show or competition (TV/radio programs mostly)
  • Subscribe to receiving certain content from the provider
  • Their message is being reproduced after the service collects all incoming messages
  • And much more!
Placeholder image for sms winning game
Placeholder image for sms winning game


Maybe the most popular way for using Premium SMS service are "Text-to-win" competitions. In this way, the audience gets into serious interaction with your business. For example, this type of Premium SMS service is used in broadcast media (television and radio) in order to interact with the brand during popular shows. The participation procedure of a Premium SMS is very simple:

  1. Audience can participate by sending an SMS to a particular number (usually it is a short code)
  2. Participation often includes different countries or regions, so messages can be sent from anywhere
  3. There is a pre-determined text which should be entered in a valid message (a keyword)
  4. A reply message is sent and additionally charged to the user
  5. Voting for a favorite candidate is not the end – you get a new number in your CRM database
  6. Either you organize the text-to-win competition or sponsor it, these numbers are a great starting point for direct marketing activities
  7. Continue sending Bulk SMS, email newsletters, social network promo activities, etc