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Bulk SMS for Carrier

Enjoy the best Bulk SMS Wholesale service

HORISEN offers you the best worldwide wholesale Bulk SMS pricing packages.

You want

  • Reliable Bulk SMS service with high availability
  • Worldwide SMS Coverage
  • Direct routes for SMS termination
  • Support of important SMS features
  • Best price-quality ratio
  • High throughput and low delivery latency
  • Professional technical support

We have

  • The best Bulk SMS transit service for wholesale customers
  • Hundreds of agreements with leading operators
  • Worldwide direct agreements with mobile operators
  • Support for broad range of features
  • Low Bulk SMS rates only for wholesale customers
  • High performance SMS platform
  • Team of SMS experts at your disposal 24/7


  • High quality SMS termination
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Free originator settings
  • SMS Delivery reports
  • Support for all SMS features
  • All character sets supported
  • High throughput of min. 20 SMS/sec
  • Very low delivery latency
  • Number portability support
  • Attractive price packages
  • High availability of 99.999%
  • Dedicated support 24/7


  • A2P and P2P messages
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Password recovery
  • E-banking Login
  • Marketing Messages
  • Mobile Newsletter
  • Alarms
  • Customer Surveys
  • Social Invites
  • App Notifications
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Bulk SMS for Carrier is a SMS transit service designed for wholesale SMS customers. It allows to connect directly to HORISEN’s SMS Gateway to send large quantities of SMS messages worldwide quickly, efficiently and securely. With years of experience in Telecom and Mobile Marketing operations, HORISEN is the most reliable partner for your Bulk SMS Wholesale business, handling international SMS traffic from high-quality, responsive wholesale partners and partners with large retail volumes.

The primary benefit for SMS wholesale customers is that our Bulk SMS Wholesale service is the most cost-effective solution for SMS mass sending worldwide. It’s ideal for SMS Aggregators, ISP’s, telecom companies and mobile operators which would like to send A2P (Application to Person) or P2P (Person to Person) messages to their customers.

For more than 10 years, HORISEN has established many direct routes throughout Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East, minimizing the routing hops to reach mobile users. Through these direct partners and other connectivity agreements with leading operators, HORISEN is able to offer premium quality to almost every destination worldwide, including termination to “hard to reach” destinations.

HORISEN has developed a unique routing system, which decides (for each SMS automatically) which route to take in order to offer the best price quality ratio. The basic component of the routing system is a sophisticated testing engine, which continuously measures delivery time, quality and supported features for all of the available routes. If the system detects some quality issue for a particular route it will be suspended from the routing tables until the issue is resolved. This guarantees the best delivery with the lowest latency and highest reliability.

HORISEN offers a world class SMS service on a state-of-the-art SMS platform which already has processed billions of SMS messages. Its built-in redundancy and load balancing functionality assures 99.999% availability of the SMS service. The platform is highly secure, scalable, and extensible with custom features.

We are committed to delivering excellent support to our customers and offer technical support around the clock.
Finance industry special: We offer a tailor made high security SMS messaging product which fulfills all of needs for security and data protection faced by banks and insurance companies. For more information, please contact us.

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SMS Features

  • Worldwide SMS delivery capable of supporting very large message volumes
  • >100 direct routes worldwide
  • SMS with up to 800 characters (concatenated text messages)
  • Free alphanumeric sender ID (where allowed)
  • Support of Binary SMS, like WAP Push, vCard, vCalendar, Caller Icon Message, etc.
  • Support for all character sets: GSM 03.38, 16 Bit Unicode (Arabic, Asian, Cyrillic)
  • Number portability to maximize delivery by using only correct messaging routes
  • Priority queuing for time critical traffic
  • Throughput of min. 20 SMS/second per customer (can be increased on request)
  • High termination speed: quick-delivery of SMS to large groups of recipients
  • Extremely low delivery latency
  • Delivery report (DLR) with rich status codes
  • Connection to SMS platform by standard interfaces: SMPP, SMPP over SSL, http, https
  • Connection over public Internet or VPN
  • Fast and competent support through our professional customer care team
  • 24/7 availability, customer-specific SLA options possible
  • SMS prices depending on the chosen price plan
  • Payment terms for SMS credits depending on price plan: postpaid or prepaid
  • Redundant and robust SMS platform with very high availability (99.999%)
  • Reliable SMS platform - billions of messages sent with HORISEN's Bulk SMS Wholesale service