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Maximize SMS deliverability to increase revenue!

SMS Testing Platform

End-to-end SMS Testing Platform

Test SMS suppliers, improve delivery rates, reduce costs.

Test your SMS suppliers for quality and reliability, and test if your SMS are being correctly delivered to our physical phone devices worldwide. Carry out performance testing via our web app with a user-friendly interface which gives you a full comfort of online monitoring in real time. We offer a wide coverage of test networks for a fair price.

  • Testing is done on physical mobile devices

  • Supported by Android app “SMS Reader”

  • Unlimited test scenarios

  • 500+ SMS templates in different languages

One platform for end-to-end SMS performance check

HORISEN SMS Testing system is an end-to-end platform for SMS route performance monitoring and quality verification. The software efficiently detects SMS fake delivery routes, helping you find and use only the best quality routes.

Features / Advantages

Detect fake DLRs

Prevent losses by making sure your SMS traffic is delivered.

Maximize SMS deliverability

Test the routes to check if they are meeting the industry standard of the highest SMS traffic delivery rates.

Save money

Improve bulk SMS traffic performance to increase profitability.

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