End-to-end SMS testing platform

HORISEN SMS Testing Platform:
Automated platform for thorough SMS routes testing

Test SMS suppliers, improve delivery rates, reduce costs

HORISEN Testing Platform is a fully automated solution for SMS routes performance monitoring and quality verification. It allows you to send test messages through your different supplier routes to determine if the messages are being correctly delivered to our physical test phones worldwide. Connect our testing platform with your own SMS gateway and start checking and observing your routes in details. Detect problems with your routes immediately, from fake DLRs to altered sender ID and replaced message content.

Get in-depth insights into the quality and reliability of your SMS suppliers

HORISEN SMS Testing Platform, with its extensive set of features, is everything you need to fully test your SMS suppliers. Use our intuitive solution to easily test multiple SMS routes and get full reports on the performance of your routes.

Unlimited testing scenarios

Choose multiple routes to test by filtering them by country, operator, gate category, etc.

  • Pre-select the route type (Directs, SS7, Wholesale, etc.) to quickly find the one you need
  • Find routes to test by filtering them by country, operator and supplier
  • Create different testing scenario templates

  • Save your templates for repeated use

Predefined SMS templates

Use our predefined SMS templates to prevent your messages from being detected as tests

  • Choose from our large set of different message templates available in 6 languages
  • Use alpha, numeric or short code Sender IDs
  • Define Sender ID yourself or let the tool pick one for you
  • Use random Sender ID option to assign a different sender to every SMS

Detailed delivery reports

Detect fake DLRs, altered sender ID and SMS content, SMSCs used, etc. to fully test your suppliers

  • Check if your suppliers are sending you fake DLRs
  • Verify the sender ID and the contents of the delivered SMS
  • Determine which SMSC your test message is being delivered from
  • Track testing results in real-time or forward them via email or API

Scheduling rules

Run one-time tests or schedule repeating tests to get regular updates on your routes’ quality

  • Set up repeating tests to automate your quality-monitoring process
  • Choose the appropriate time zone for authentic testing
  • Define at what frequency the tests should repeat
  • Use rules to define when the testing should stop

Interested to learn more?

For more details, please visit the HORISEN Testing Platform website, or request a live DEMO