SMS & Win

SMS Winning Games

SMS winning games app for fun and engaging marketing activities

Boost your brand awareness, attract new customers, collect valuable user data

HORISEN SMS&Win is an intuitive application which allows you to effortlessly set up and manage a wide variety of SMS winning games. It is based on premium or long numbers and makes it easy for your customers to get involved, enabling you, in return, to automatically collect their data and build your customer database.

Engage more to earn more!

SMS&Win, with its extensive set of features, is everything you need to plan and execute successful SMS winning games. Use our comprehensive solution to engage your clients in fun promotional activities, raise your brand awareness, collect high quality customer data and boost revenue.

How does SMS&Win work?

Set up game rules effortlessly and track results in real-time

  • Determine keyword(s) participants should include in the SMS to win a prize

  • Configure the winner rules

    • Set up “random” winner frequency, e.g. every 5th participant wins

    • Ask a question and reward everyone who answers correctly

    • Define limits regarding how many times a single user can win

  • Determine the cost per SMS for participants to monetize your marketing efforts

  • Fully automate the game process

    • Use predefined SMS templates or define your own to automate the communication with participants (send confirmation codes, registration instructions, winner status, prize collection details)

    • Automatically collect user data via an online form

  • Track the results in real-time

    • See statistics and the list of users

    • Export the user data

How to make the most out of your SMS winning games?

  • Promote the SMS winning game opportunity via different channels (in your store, via website, social media, etc.) to reach as many users as possible

  • Raffle great prizes

    • Offer prizes that are worth the cost of participation

    • Deliver prizes that promote purchasing behavior (discount coupons, vouchers)

  • Make it easy for users to get involved

    • Users send an SMS with the requested keyword

    • They automatically get a confirmation code that they need to register via an online form

    • They are automatically informed of the status of their participation and the next steps

  • Require users to register via an online form to confirm their participation and leave you their data that you can use for subsequent marketing activities

  • Make raffle results transparent to build and maintain customers’ trust

Why use SMS&Win?

SMS&Win allows you to:

  • Effortlessly set up and execute different SMS winning games

  • Promote your business via fun and easy-to-participate marketing activities

  • Fully automate the entire process (SMS winning campaign)

  • Directly monetize your promotional activities (you determine the price per SMS)

  • Collect high-quality customer data

  • Track statistics real-time and be transparent with your customers

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