SMS & Vote

SMS voting system

Web-based app for running SMS voting campaigns

Give your target audience a voice, collect user data, generate revenue

HORISEN SMS&Vote is an online application which allows you to effortlessly set up and manage a wide variety of phone voting campaigns. It is based on premium or long numbers and is suitable for carrying out all types of voting – elections, polls, surveys. 

Monetize your SMS voting campaigns!

SMS&Vote, with its easy implementation process and adjustable price per SMS, is everything you need to carry out and monetize your SMS voting programs. Use our comprehensive solution to engage your audience in various voting campaigns and open up another revenue source.

How does SMS&Vote work?

Easily configure voting settings and track results in real-time

  • Determine keywords participants should use to allocate their votes to different options

  • Set up your own price per SMS to maximize the profits

  • Fully automate the entire voting process

    • Participants vote by sending SMS with a specific keyword to the premium number 919

    • All votes are automatically written in the database

    • The system evaluates keywords received, sorts the data and sums up results for each voting category

    • “Thank you for voting” SMS is automatically sent

  • Track the results in real-time

    • Stay informed about the voting results at all times

    • Publish the results with a single click

      • Visual representations of the results available

  • Collect and export voters’ data

How to make the most out of your SMS voting campaigns?

Make it easy for your audience to get involved and get added value by collecting their data

  • Make sure keywords can be easily associated with the voting options

    • Avoid using keywords that are a meaningless set of characters (e.g. kxyz)

  • Make it clear which keyword should be used for which option

  • Define “alias keywords” to accept votes that have minor spelling errors, etc.

  • Set prices that are acceptable for your audience but allow you to make profits

  • Set up voting error SMS notifications (option not available, voting poll is closed, etc.)

  • Include the link to a landing page in a thank you message to collect additional voter data

  • Drive sales by offering discount coupons in return for product and service feedback

  • Make the results transparent and publicly available as soon as the voting ends

Why use SMS&Vote?

SMS&Vote system is an excellent choice for any campaign that includes voting. It is especially suitable for elections or popular entertainment shows such as singing competitions, beauty contests, … but is also a perfect pick for getting customer feedback on product or service offerings.

SMS&Vote allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily collect a large number of votes

  • Automatically process the votes and sum up results

  • Track voting progress and results in real-time

  • Publish results in a visually appealing format

  • Configure automatic SMS responses

  • Monetize votes through premium SMS service

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