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Fast & easy pay-by-SMS system.

«SMS&Pay» is ideal for online sales and safe payments by SMS.

The fastest mobile payment service – with a single SMS.

SMS payment system

«SMS&Pay» – an easy pay-by-SMS system

Increase online sales with the fastest mobile payment service.

«SMS&Pay» is a Premium based application which allows your clients to pay for your products and services via a single SMS. «SMS&Pay» is an excellent way to enrich your online shop with a further payment method. The implementation of our «SMS&Pay» service is very easy. You just need to add HORISEN’s API in your online shop system, and that’s it. The API is suitable for all online shopping systems and is very simple for implementation.

Features / Advantages


Quick & easy payment system with a single SMS.


The billing is 100% secure.

Fully automated

No technical efforts needed - the buying process is automatic.

Enhance your online shopping offer

«SMS&Pay» is ideal for online shops as a fast, easy and secure payment option. The more payment methods you offer to your clients, the more sales you will close. A mobile payment system is always a winning choice since everyone has its cell phone within hand’s reach.

How «SMS&Pay» works?

«SMS&Pay» app sends to your customers a unique transaction code for every product / service you are offering in your webshop. Premium SMS confirmation code is then sent to your buyer, and when he submits the code on the website, the payment is done. In the same time the app collects valuable contact details from your customers - mobile phone numbers, you can use for other direct marketing campaigns.

How your client will use «SMS&Pay»?

The customer selects a product / service on your website and clicks the “Pay” button. He sees a specific transaction code for the product he has selected which he sends by SMS to our short code number. In response, he receives a confirmation SMS with a payment code which he needs to confirm on your website. After this is done, the service is charged on his mobile phone bill.


  • Custom transaction code generator
  • Real-time statistics
  • Technical support
  • Premium SMS included
  • Quality contact database

Do you need a phone payment system,
available on mobile and landline phones?

If you want to enable
payment via the phone,
go to our «Call&Pay» product page.

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