SMS & Pay

SMS payment system

Fast and easy SMS payment service

Make it simple for your customers to pay for your products and services

HORISEN SMS&Pay is a premium SMS service which allows your clients to pay for your product and service with a single SMS. The service is easy for you to implement and for your customers to use, which makes it a perfect addition to your existing payment system.

Enhance your online shop with a payment method your customers will love!

SMS&Pay is a fast, easy and secure payment option, ideal for smaller amounts of money and converting impulse buyers into paying customers. Use our simple solution to effortlessly add another payment method to your online store, decrease your cart abandonment rates, collect buyers’ data for further marketing activities and close more sales.

How does SMS&Pay work?

Easily integrate SMS payment service into your online shop

  • Determine transaction codes for each of your products / services

  • Define prices for each transaction code

  • Fully automate the entire payment process

    • Buyers choose the pay-by-SMS option on your website

    • They see a specific transaction code for the product they selected and send that code via SMS to our short-code number

    • The system sends them back a payment code they should submit via the website to finalize the purchase

    • The service / product is charged on their mobile phone bill

  • Track statistics in real-time

  • Collect and export buyers’ data

Why do buyers love SMS payment method?

SMS payments are very popular among buyers as they allow them to:

  • Complete the purchases quickly and easily – the process is as simple as sending an SMS is

  • Purchase goods and services without disclosing their credit card or bank details, or without even having a bank account

  • Make payments without having to remember any passwords or usernames like with payment sites such as PayPal

  • Pay safely - without their personal or account details being released

  • Postpone the actual charge until the next mobile phone bill is due

Why should you use SMS&Pay?

  • It is easy to set up and use

  • Customers love SMS payment method

  • You don’t need agreements with different mobile operators – we handle everything for you

  • It allows you to accept payments from everyone who has a mobile phone – there are billions of mobile phone users worldwide

  • It makes it possible to receive payments from the millions of clients who don’t have a bank account or a credit card

  • All the billing is handled by the mobile phone operator – you don’t need to worry about verifying customers’ identities, chasing payments or cards being declined

  • It automatically collects customer phone numbers that can be used for future marketing activities and building customer loyalty through SMS promotions, discounts and coupons

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