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A fully automated SMS parking system ideal for car park operators.

Fast and simple payment system available across the country.

This solution works fully independent and is suitable for any car park.

«SMS&Park» Application

«SMS&Park» – the best parking payment service in the market

A fully automated SMS parking system ideal for car park operators.

If you are a car park operator, «SMS&Park» is ideal for you. It enables you to offer your clients a cashless SMS payment method. This service reduces your operational and logistics parking costs which occur in case you must maintain ticket machines, collect coins, etc. Cashless SMS payment means less efforts on your side and less risk. «SMS&Park» system is excellent for any parking service because it can be used anywhere in the country. «SMS&Park» works on every mobile phone and on all mobile networks, making it ideal for every user.

Features / Advantages

Everyone can use it

«SMS&Park» works on all mobile devices.

No registration needed

Car parking payment with just one SMS.

No cash involved

Cashless payment system reduces operational costs for park owners.

Secure and user-friendly

«SMS&Park» is a secure and simple parking payment system available across the country. The service is realized with a single SMS; there are no unnecessary features or technology used to pay for parking service.

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