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Virtual customer card for real brand loyalty

We invented the invisible customer loyalty card!
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You want

  • Cost-effective bonus system for your customers
  • To keep track of customer data
  • To have insights in customers' purchasing behaviour
  • To send coupon rewards to your loyal customers

We have

  • iCard, the invisible digital customer card
  • Online customer data store
  • Quality data analysis program
  • Coupon code generator system


  • Unique and "invisible" loyalty card
  • Only a mobile phone number is required
  • Fast data entry process after each purchase
  • Automatic coupon generator
  • Administrative efforts are minimal
  • Quality customer behavior analysis


  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Attract more customers
  • Increase sales
  • Promote your business through fast and quality loyalty program
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A totally new approach to customer loyalty programs – an invisible digital customer card (iCard). The simplicity of using iCard will get customers more often to your PoS, but also attract new people who want to be rewarded when they do regular shopping. Without any additional costs and expenditures caused by regular promo contests and winning games, your customers will be back to your business because their iCard is working for them to win great prizes and incentives.

The whole iCard program is so simple to manage. Everything you need to start with the program at your store(s) is a tablet device with an Internet connection. The iCard system is very intuitive and easy to use, it’s an independent system and needs no connection to your cash register (POS system).

How does the iCard work?

A customer shops with iCard and gets to the checkout. Besides using a cash register (PoS), your employee will type the customer’s purchase amount using a tablet or iPad device, but will also take his/her basic contact details and a mobile phone number. With customer data entered into the system, you are able to track each customer’s activity. Moreover, right after the first purchase within the iCard system, each customer will have access to an online iCard account and will be able to track purchases and vouchers.
Each time a customer uses his/her invisible digital card (iCard), you can calculate rewards and create reward vouchers based on accumulated purchase amounts.

Why mobile phone numbers?

The purpose of online customer database is creating a long-term customer loyalty, but it also opens another option: to engage passive customers by using SMS messages as the information channel.
Customers receive automatically sent SMS messages which are written in personal tone (the process gets information directly from the iCard database). These messages are sent after each purchase, but also when a reward voucher is ready.

As a store owner you can rely on active and regular communication with your customers who will be personally informed about any changes regarding the incentives they can earn. That’s why the iCard program is ideal both for increasing customer loyalty, but also for keeping track of your business development and purchase frequency.

iCard Image
Premium Customer Card and Business Voucher Image

The iCard-System - step by step explained

  1. 1. The payment process at the checkout proceeds as usual
  2. 2. The purchase amount will be entered, along with customer’s contact details and a mobile phone number, on the tablet device
  3. 3. The iCard system will automatically send a confirmation SMS to the customer
  4. 4. Reward vouchers are generated by the iCard system and ready for printing
  5. 5. The system generates customer data automatically and customers can be rewarded or re-activated to increase your sales