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Automated SMS sending web application.

Pick lists from your CRM database and send regular business updates.

With our nGage app your marketing efforts are not time-consuming.

SMS Messaging Platform

Send SMS from the Browser

SMS broadcasting tool for closest relations with your customers.

«nGage» is a messaging platform that enables you to carry out a quality marketing campaigns using SMS. Text your clients regularly with deals, specials or promotions. Ask questions to get customer feedback, organize winning games, polls, send alerts, appointment reminders or birthday SMS. The platform is ideal for every industry, from banking and financial institutions, health care, beauty salons, tourism, and retail, to government agencies, etc. And, most importantly, the whole process is fully automated.

Our mobile engagement marketing platform enables you to easily, quickly and efficiently communicate with your clients through SMS, automating the whole broadcasting process for you.

Monetize SMS with «nGage» as a Reseller

Get a new revenue stream with «nGage» by reselling SMS. Find your customers and sell them SMS with your rates and pricing plans. In this way, you can use «nGage» to carry out marketing activities and to run your Bulk SMS business. Get more customers and earn more money, at the same time!

Features / Advantages

SMS via Browser

Engage clients from the browser, from any device.

Campaign Schedule

Plan and schedule marketing campaigns in minutes.

Live Statistics

Real-time reporting and statistics for all your campaigns.

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