Mobile number portability lookup service

HORISEN MNP service:
Full mobile number portability lookup and validation

Identify which operator a number belongs to, route traffic properly and reduce costs

HORISEN MNP Lookup service gives you access to a rich and frequently updated mobile numbers database and HLR. It simplifies and speeds up your entire number portability lookup process, allowing you to easily update your mobile numbers database and cut costs coming from the wrong operator termination.

The service is ideal for MNOs, SMS aggregators, voice carriers, banks, financial institutions, marketing agencies, enterprises… basically, everyone sending or trading SMS, or maintaining a large mobile phone numbers database.

Reduce your SMS costs by routing the traffic correctly at your first attempt

HORISEN MNP helps you reduce unnecessary costs occurring when you send text messages to wrong operators or invalid mobile numbers. When you send bulk quantities of SMS, such costs can be massive. Use our MNP service to get your messages delivered correctly at your first attempt!

Rich database

Get access to a MNP database of billions of mobile phone numbers through just one API

  • High-speed access to complete MSISDN information:
    • Mobile Country Code (MCC)
    • Mobile Network Code (MNC)
    • Operator Name
    • Ported numbers
  • Protocols
    • HTTPs – the simplest protocol that anyone could use
    • ENUM – mostly used by MNOs and large providers
    • SIP – ideal for VoIP carriers
  • HLR lookup service available on request

Global coverage

Centralized MNP Lookup Service for mobile numbers from almost all parts of the world

  • Wide MNP coverage
  • A single protocol for all the countries
  • Great redundancy and high availability

Regularly updated and fast

Keep your database up-to-date at all times

  • Accurate mobile number databases
  • Updated every few hours, depending on the country
  • Fast response time: up to 1.000 queries/sec

Precise routing

Use the right routes to always send your traffic to the right operator

  • Enables you with MNP based routing capability
  • Improves delivery success rates and ported-number routing efficiency
  • Reduces your costs coming from the wrong operator termination
  • Increases your profits

Interested to learn more?

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