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Improve customer retention and get new clients fast!

Increase sales and re-purchases with this amazing promotion.

Grow brand loyalty and increase traffic to your website.

«Megapromo» loyalty program

«Megapromo» - exciting coupon winning game

Reward customer loyalty with «Megapromo» campaigns

«Megapromo» is a fantastic coupon winning game in which customers collect unique codes distributed via different ways, depending on your campaign goals. In order to boost sales, the codes will be placed directly on or in products. But they can also be placed on websites, social media channels, newsletters, etc. to reach your individual campaign goal.

Besides, it is ideal if you want to gain customer’s loyalty and brand awareness.

Features / Advantages


Coupon games entice re-purchasing rate.

Traffic on website

This winning game will increase your website traffic.

Available on any device

Users can participate from any device.

Collect customer data

Each participant needs to fill in a contact form and leaves details on your winning game landing page if he wants to participate in the game. These data are crucial for your «Megapromo» campaign and further marketing activities.

How does «Megapromo» work?

«Megapromo» campaign is easy to organize. You get individual codes from us, which you can distribute depending on a goal you want to achieve. To start your promotional campaign, you need a specific landing page which we set up for following your requests. Your «Megapromo» landing page contains contact form which can be customized based on the data you want to collect from your customers during the campaign. When the game has started, you can always live check campaign performance inside our admin panel. The prize types are 100% defined by you. You choose how to reward your clients, based on your marketing needs: money prize, prize in goods, welcome prize, weekly, monthly prize, bonus, main prize, etc.

How your clients participate in «Megapromo»?

The participation is very easy. After your customer got a promo code, he visits your website to submit it. Participants then fill-in the contact form to register for the game. After registration is done, your participants can submit the codes to collect points, bonuses and check the prizes. It is so simple!


  • Reporting and data analysis
  • Rewards engine
  • Data export (CSV)
  • Administration user interface
  • Customer data portal
  • Custom contact form for customer data collection
  • Embedded links to social media platforms

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