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SMS Voting

Ideal for votes, elections and surveys

HORISEN is SMS Voting application specialist.

You want

  • To run a voting campaign via SMS
  • Set-up a voting campaign quickly and easily
  • Have a real-time overview of the pool results
  • Simple SMS voting application management process

We have

  • A powerful SMS Voting application
  • SMS voting application installed in a minute
  • Real-time statistics available online
  • Web access to the application which is intuitive to use


  • SMS voting application applies to any type of voting campaigns
  • Real-time SMS voting results available
  • Automatic vote evaluation
  • Configurable immediate SMS response to voters
  • No registration needed
  • Possibility of combination with Premium SMS for paid votes
  • Export votes to Excel file at any time
  • Full subscriber management and data export
  • Online cockpit for settings and result evaluation


  • Applicable for any type of SMS voting (e.g. voting for Miss of...)
  • To attract voters for radio and TV shows, concerts, sports events, fairs, etc
  • Political Barometers
  • Product reviews
  • Print media surveys
  • Voting for Parliament Elections
  • Television voting
  • Great marketing tool to generate customer data
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SMS Voting application allows you to quickly and easily collect large number of votes via SMS voting system especially suitable for elections, surveys or polls; these votes are easily counted thanks to an automated online application system. The advantage of SMS voting is that participants in SMS voting campaigns always carry their mobile phones with them, so they can spontaneously vote from anywhere, regardless of place or time.

Participation in SMS Voting is very simple: participants submit their votes by sending an SMS with a specific keyword to the short code number 919. All votes under given keyword are automatically written in the application’s database. This is how you can see real-time results without any delays and successfully monitor the SMS voting progress, especially if it is an election campaign you want to track and evaluate. The SMS voting system counts all changes within different keywords and automatically updates rankings.

The SMS Voting application administration console provides you a complete overview of all/current surveys and sent SMS voting messages. Incoming text messages are automatically filtered and sorted within the application system according to active campaigns and used keywords. Current SMS voting results are immediately visible on the screen in the form of bar charts. Using online cockpit you always have a full control over the voting process. You can also download customer data as an Excel sheet. Detailed and real-time statistics give you valuable information about the current status and progress of your SMS voting campaign.

The SMS Voting application allows you to perform quick and easy SMS voting. Your management efforts are very low, because the whole process is fully automated. Also your customers don’t need to register in order to vote. Their vote counts by simply sending a SMS. The application processes all steps independently, starting from participant’s log-in, reply, control, sorting and final evaluation. This evaluation can be combined with other applications for more accurate data output. The results of your voting campaign can successfully affect other marketing activities (e.g. new promo campaign idea).

In combination with Premium SMS, a voting campaign can be additionally charged to participants. This allows you to generate more revenue during the SMS voting campaign.

SMS Voting Campaign App Image
SMS Voting Image


Preparations from your side

  1. Define your SMS voting campaign
  2. Select all keywords that will be used for your campaign
  3. Plan and make your advertising material
  4. Define additional communication channels (e.g. web, offline and online media presentation)
  5. Determine activities that will happen after the voting
  6. Set duration (start / end) of your SMS voting campaign
  7. Get started

How your customers participate in SMS Voting campaign

  1. Participants send SMS with predefined keywords
  2. The system filters and evaluates responses
  3. The application prepares and sorts the data
  4. The system sends a thank you message right after participation with a web link for the campaign
  5. The participant clicks on a link
  6. This is the part where your future marketing activities start