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SMS & Park

Convenient, fast and reliable service

Ideal for car park operators, but also end-user experience.

You want

  • Flexible pay-to-park solution
  • Reduced parking logistics
  • Reliable parking payment system

We have

  • Automated park and pay system
  • Software that uses SMS messages to regulate parking
  • Fast and accurate payment system


  • Fast and simple payment system
  • Payment possible with any mobile phone (just send SMS)
  • SMS reminder before the parking time elapses
  • Parking extension with new SMS sent
  • Charging over monthly mobile phone invoice
  • SMS & Park complements existing parking systems
  • Can be used anywhere
  • No physical money needed
  • Convenient parking: no need to change parking spot


  • To introduce an easy and modern car parking system
  • Reducing total car park operators' cost
  • Attract drivers to use regular parking more often
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Parking with SMS & Park system is very simple and, above all, user friendly. The whole process consists of sending an SMS message with selected parking zone to a parking service number. SMS & Park system is excellent for any parking service because it can be used anywhere across the country. It’s also fully user-oriented; there are no unnecessary features or technology used to pay for parking service.

Anyone can pay for parking using a mobile phone: one SMS charges the parking fee without any need to register within the system. SMS & Park works on every mobile phone and on all mobile networks, making it ideal for every user. There is no need for spare change or small bills which is usually lacking in users’ pockets. One SMS sent covers the parking for certain time. But, this is nothing to worry about! By simply sending another SMS, a user can extend the same parking for another round. When parking time is nearly elapsed, a reminder SMS will be sent. Using SMS is very popular because we are ensured that every SMS will be delivered.

SMS & Park brings many advantages for drivers and car park operators. A great advantage for the car park operator is the massive cost saving potential which comes by reducing operational and logistics parking costs. Cost savings are mainly achieved thanks to our cashless SMS payment method, which saves the overall cash & change management (collection of the coins, service and maintenance of ticket machines, etc.).

Totally reliable and fast SMS & Park service available to everyone at every place provided by parking service!

SMS and Park Image
Mobile Parking Payment Image


What does the user do?

  1. Goes to the parking lot and parks
  2. Type in the car registration number into SMS
  3. Chooses a parking zone
  4. Sends SMS message to a specific service number
  5. Gets an immediate answer that the parking is paid
  6. If needed, extend the parking for another time period

User benefits:

  1. No cash or spare change needed;
  2. New SMS to extend parking
  3. SMS reminder 10 minutes before parking expiration time