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HORISEN’s «nGage» marketing platform for mobile engagement via SMS / Text Messaging

Cloud based superior automated and feature rich SMS sending web application including a powerful contact manager.

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You want

  • Effective marketing platform to execute SMS campaigns
  • Easily organize sophisticated broadcasting campaigns, from set-up, execution to follow-up
  • Laser-precise mobile targeting tool
  • Efficient, cost-effective mobile promotional activities

We have

  • Comprehensive marketing platform for mobile engagement
  • Superior automated SMS sending web application
  • SMS broadcasting tool for achieving closest relations with your customers
  • Powerful customers’ data collector & engagement booster tool


  • Comprehensive, transparent dashboard
  • Easy SMS: web-based instant messaging
  • Campaign Manager for end-to-end campaigns management
  • Customer Data Store for flexible and easy recipients lists management
  • Powerful filtering and segmentation options
  • Custom fields to enrich customer profiles


  • Instantly reach customers, staff & entire contact database
  • Expand direct marketing efforts with SMS and cross-channel marketing
  • Collect comprehensive customer’s data to create precise targeting lists
  • Harness the power of SMS marketing
  • Enlarge customer's database and generate additional SMS traffic
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HORISEN «nGage» is the world’s leading messaging platform for mobile engagement via SMS Text Messaging. This is a cloud-based superior automated and feature rich SMS sending web application, including a powerful contact manager.

Our mobile engagement marketing platform enables you to easily, quickly and efficiently communicate with your clients through SMS, automating the whole broadcasting process for you.

The Customer Data Store (CDS) is a sophisticated contact manager. The flexible contact data model offers so many custom fields, and with the powerful segmentation engine it’s so easy to filter your customers’ database in as many ways as you need.

CDS enables you to collect & store all your customers’ data at one place and to create as many different customers’ lists and groups as you need, based on as many criteria as you want. The segmentation wizard with powerful filtering and extremely flexible custom fields’ options empowers you to create very specific audiences you can save and use in your marketing / business communication.

Flexible custom fields feature enables you to enrich your customers’ data by adding as many custom fields as you want to create precise, specific target groups for the best marketing and business results.

User-friendly, beautiful interface and easy-to-use campaign wizard allow you to create, schedule and implement your campaigns in no time. This professional marketing software enables you to collect a quality customers’ contact database you can use to perform efficient marketing or sales activities.

HORISEN «nGage» messaging platform empowers you to easily enrich the data by creating custom fields and adding them on top of already existing filtering options, thus creating customers’ lists as precise and specific as you like. Moreover, you can create and save as many user lists as you want. And all this is done so quickly and easily, with a click of a button.

This application is web-based, meaning you will have no additional infrastructure costs. When using this application you won’t have to invest in infrastructure, administration, software and support, because everything is managed and hosted by HORISEN.

Ability to precisely target the right message to the right targeting group and through the right communication channel is marketer's dream come true!

Go to and explore the numerous possibilities of HORISEN «nGage».

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This professional marketing software will help you to:

  • Easily organize sophisticated broadcasting campaigns, from set-up, execution to follow-up
  • Engage customers through SMS / Text messaging
  • Create laser-precise target groups using powerful segmentation engine
  • Enrich customers’ data with detailed, accurate attributes using custom fields
  • Collect very specific customers’ data to create precise customer’s lists
  • Efficiently perform promotional activities by sending your message to the right audience
  • Enhance consumer experience
  • Build relationships that drive leads & sales
  • Increase your consumer base
  • Distinguish your products and services from the competition
  • Augment your customer communication strategy

The main benefits HORISEN «nGage» web application offers to you:

  • All your communication & marketing needs covered by HORISEN «nGage» app
  • Customer Data Store containing all your customer’s data
  • Powerful data model extensions through extremely flexible custom fields option
  • Create as many specific audiences / customers’ lists as you need
  • HORISEN hosted & HORISEN managed web-based application
  • No need to invest in infrastructure, administration, software and support
  • Sending personalized, targeted messages on a mass scale
  • Full automation of the messaging, regardless of the number of messages
  • Easy-to-use online tool to manage mass SMS campaigns from a single point
  • Modern, compact and intuitive design based on state-of-the-art technology
  • Amazing workflow, seamless and consistent user experience
  • Driving traffic / sales to other channels (website, e-commerce)
  • Up-to-date performance statistics