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Increase sales and re-purchases with amazing promotion

Announce great prizes for your product / service regular purchase and build your brand loyalty.

You want

  • More brand loyalty and returning customers
  • To increase sales
  • To increase re-purchases
  • Build your brand community
  • Increase traffic on your website
  • Increase your customer database

We have

  • Loyalty mechanism with incentives
  • Quality user interface for participation
  • Accessible admin panel for management and statistics
  • Campaign with links to Social Media platforms
  • Interactive web presentation, plug-ins and apps that provide more traffic and conversions
  • Modules to collect data with the highest security standards


  • Reporting and data analysis (daily/weekly/monthly reports)
  • Customer loyalty engine
  • Rewards engine
  • Data export (csv)
  • Administration user interface (admin panel)
  • Safe customer data portal
  • Custom contact form for customer data collection
  • Embedded links to social media platforms


  • Customer analysis
  • Increase sales and brand awareness for new or top product/service
  • Create customer incentives
  • Collect customer data
  • Enhance brand visibility
  • Increase competitiveness in the market
  • Provide optimized customer service
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Megapromo is a loyalty campaign, which uses one or more products (services) to create an exciting winning game with engaging interaction with your customers. The purpose of this campaign is to increase re-purchases, sales and brand loyalty by effectively attracting customers.

There are pre-defined, generated codes that are used for participation. The codes belong to the promoted product(s) and are, therefore, strongly attached to your megapromo campaign. In this way, participation is connected to these product(s). There are different ways to display the codes: printed on a product’s package, made as stickers, hidden within the product (product packaging, for example). The codes can be also distributed for free during different marketing activities such as: local events where the products is available for sale, public campaigns supported by celebrities or famous local persons, regular mailing lists (email newsletter or direct mail), but also via social media platforms, etc.

Codes are then collected and entered into personal account. Submitting different codes by participating in the megapromo campaign results in creating greater brand awareness and customers get bigger chances to win the main prize. This prize is usually drawn at the end of the campaign, but there are many instant (special) prizes distributed during the campaign . Suggested prize types: welcome prize, monthly prize, loyalty prize, bonus prize, main prize. Prize types can be completely customized and it depends on the main goal of the campaign.

Codes can be entered in two ways: directly via the web portal or by sending SMS / code number which is returned by SMS containing the winning code that should be submitted on the web as well. The megapromo interface is implemented with a responsive web design and customers can participate from any device. Connection to social media networks and online support is provided. Participation can be combined – sending codes via web or SMS. The primary place for participation is during the customer’s login where he/she needs to enter the valid code to collect points and bonuses.

Each participant needs to fill-in a fully customized contact form and leave details for prize distribution. These data are crucial for your Megapromo campaign and further customer retention.

Social Media Contest Image
Megapromo Campaign Image


Megapromo is part of product/service promotion and it comes as a separate web page. Of course, it’s closely related to the brand which is mentioned in the rules and procedures for the promotion. The whole promotion is well-planned and crafted so the process is clear.

Participation from the user’s perspective:

  1. User gets the promo code and goes to the website
  2. Or send an SMS to get a winning code
  3. Then goes to the website and registers (fills in necessary data)
  4. Each time he/she logs in, new points are collected (current status is fully available in his profile)
  5. Prizes and bonuses are calculated within each separate account
  6. User is notified by Email when they receive a prize/bonus or win the promotion